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Wow! Things sure have changed in the past year or so. Not too long ago, many of us were spending $70-$80 on small brushed FPV racing drones. Today, you can get brushless racers, with much better electronics packages for around the same price.

The new Zing 110 is a perfect example of one of these inexpensive, yet nicely equipped brushless micro quads. This little racer is an excellent model for pilots that have been flying brushed quads, and are ready for an increase in power, and speed, or for pilots that want something small enough to fly around the backyard, or small park without spending too much.

Right now this little racer is available for only $84.55 Click me to purchase.

For $85 you're getting a pretty nice package. At the heart of the quad is the popular Flycolor Raptor S-Tower F3 FC with OSD and 12A 4 in 1 BLHeli-S 2-3s Dshot ESC, paired to some 1104 4300kv motors. For FPV duty you get what looks to me like the KingKong/LDARC Q25 25mw mini 5.8ghz VTX hooked to an 800TVL 1.6mm CMOS camera. The package also includes two full sets of KingKong 2345 props.

The quad arrives with Betaflight 3.1.5 firmware which works perfectly fine, but for those that want the newest firmware the Flycolor FC has a boot button, making flashing new firmware quick, and easy. They even give you a set of prop guards for those that prefer to fly with them.

All in all I am pretty impressed with this little quad. It amazes me how far this sector of the RC hobby has come in such a short...Continue Reading
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Hobbymate Lipo Bag Deal (1 min 59 sec)

Hello everyone welcome back.

In todays video I wanted to tell you all about a great deal on fire and explosion safe lipo bags. Go ahead and head over to amazon to check it out. Right now if you buy a medium lipo bag and use the promo code HBLIPOBAG you will receive a free mini lipo bag.

Hobbymate Medium Lipo Bag

Mini Lipo bag

Check out this great video of the lipo bag in action.

Hobbymate Lipo Safety Bag Review and Test (14 min 30 sec)
...Continue Reading
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I knew the DJI "racing goggles" were going to be horrible all a way around and another half baked product that is NOT for racing and too be honest not worth the money. I did get some of the usual DJI marketing people on here mad because I wasn't going to drink the DJI koolaid but I was just warning others that may not know better NOT to get these goggles for any kind of racing.

But don't take my word for it... FINALLY a REAL review NOT from a DJI shill or sockpuppet.

Josh Bardwell is a REAL reviewer and yeah... these are junk
DJI Goggles RE and OcuSync | HD FPV FOR DRONE RACERS? (18 min 58 sec)

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Anyone has used Gens ace RS batteries

The new RS SERIES provides more punch and more consistent throttle feel on the track.
Using standard sized case, these RS batteries allows you to fit them in a plethora of different bash oriented vehicles.

The Gens ace RS batteries put out great power, have solid runtime, and they put up with abuses without venting internally or dying.
If you are in the market for a great quality, yet affordable, the RS batteries are well worth your time to try out.

The RS batteries are all comes with High Voltage feature. From a dead stop, these RS batteries can provide some pretty spectacular torque and it kept on pulling like a beast until the motor ran out of gearing.

RS batteries are born to race. Coming in a light weight body which allows your vehicle to run
in the fastest speed it can.

Now these are in stock:

Gens ace 5000mAh 2S1P HardCase 100C 10#

Gens ace 5000mAh 2S1P HardCase 100C 21#

Gens ace 5800mAh 7.4V 100C 2S1P Square lipo

Gens ace 5800mAh 7.4V 100C 2S1P 10#

Gens Ace 2S 6000mAh HV 7.6V 100C
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Fasttech.com is doing a promotion for the drone DJI Mavic Air with the code ď FASTTECH ď until 31/03/2018

The link will take you to the page where it say's $762.08 ( So that be the price with the promo code )

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Greeting my friends. Had a great birthday so I had to spend the cashó3D printer is on its way (a TEVO Tornado), should be here tomorrow. Iíve been setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 to act as the dedicated computer to interface with it. Wow, do I feel stupid! Itís been 30 years since I did any programming. Have to talk to the young guys at work to get the low down on how to set these things up!

Iíve gotten the smaller laser cut parts all identified, still have the longer (3í+) parts to do yet. I missed on of the frame members for the build cradle so didnít get laser cut. Fortunately I have a friend who is a wood-worker and has all the equipment to cut it out.

Next project is to get the garage cleaned out so I have a place to work on this boat.

Electrical Systems Part 5

This post is going to be more on the technical side. I could dive deeply into the weeds here, but that would be way too boring, so Iíll stay up at altitude and try to give an entertaining overview of the high voltage electrical system.


The 33 Volt system provides power to the propulsion motors only. Each 10S1P battery module is protected by a 30-amp fuse. Downstream of each 30-amp fuse, the nine fuses are bussed together so that no one battery module is supplying all (or most) of the power to any single motor, i.e. each motor controller receives the same voltage from the battery.

Three motors rated for 36V are used to propel the boat. Each motor is...Continue Reading
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Building and flying quads is one of the best hobbies I have. I have too many of these
Posted by lawrence4 | Yesterday @ 08:52 PM | 590 Views
Motor:C1404 3000kV 9.6g ;
ESC: 10A;
Battery:2S 250mAh 20C.
Propeller: 5*3 thrust 180g;Take off weight 136.6g
LED x 180
Posted by flyenrw | Yesterday @ 07:55 PM | 699 Views
I wanted to recreate the details of the full scale windshield framing on my plane, but because the bulkheads and side framing are so much bigger in this ARF model, I approached the idea with a little creativity.
I knew the framing would be much wider than scale, but I thought I could come close to how the full scale windshield is framed.
First off, I needed to cut off the excess flanging used to mount the windshield.
After mutiple cuts and sanding I got the shape I wanted .
I used a false dash decking to act as a backing to lay against when mounting the windshield.
I noticed the wings had a cut out towards the leading edge root rib, used to capture the plastic of the kit windshield as the wing butted the fuselage.
I filled that root rib recess with a balsa fill and sanded it to shape, as it will no longer have the windshield frame passing between the rib and the fuselage.
After establishing the windshield shape, l flushed the windshield frame to the outer fuselage edge, I used a plastic strip shown, heated it up with a heat gun bit by bit to form the basic shape of the bottom edge of the windshield, then gave it a small bevel to resemble that of the full scale.
This strip piece of plastic used at the bottom, is duplicating a part of an actual frame on the full size plane, used to hold and mount the windshield to the boot cowl.
As the windshield is finished off, I'll paint the basic frame on the windshield, then glue this strip framing around the lower perimeter....Continue Reading
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Was on Gearbest and window shopping and I spied this small motor ..
Yeah I had to make it mine ...

I will be testing it shortly .. ( I hope )
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Little time with the old green machine this morning.
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I'm way overtime with this. My total flight time actually decreased from 2016 quite a lot, but I concentrated it better to fewer planes and actually got more flight time with them. Also now the majority of flying was made it with larger planes. They stand wind better and actually you can more easily get flying time as you don't need to nail every occasion when there's low wind. The spring was good from weather perspective and I got a lot of flights. However, the end of the year saw lousy weather and I didn't manage to do too much flying.

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I participated two rounds of our national F3A Sport class and won both. And as there was only three rounds I ended up being also F3A Sport class cup championship. The sport program is really easy to fly, but it was good training to get used to competition pressure. Also the wind on both rounds was quite strong & gusty and this gave me advantage as I was flying the biggest plane in the sport class.

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Hi All

I have added these plans to my library and are ready for free down load.

Download : http://www.rcfbaircraft.com/ww-1-aircraft

Vincent Unrau
All plans are free, please donate!