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Posted by JeffMac | May 27, 2014 @ 06:09 PM | 6,216 Views
Hi Everyone-

This is the RC AERO-STAR 1962 RC model , 48". I have an original kit, the scan is from my kit plan. This model was kitted along with several others, by John Zaic, Brooklyn NY. SIG in Iowa carried these and they were listed in their catalog.

this model is a swept wing, trike gear with some interesting features and would make a fine vintage RC model with glow, diesel or electric. This one is on my build list.

Not all parts are shown on the plan, but I intend to trace critical parts and will share any of these also.

This plan is now listed on outerzone.

I will be glad to EMAIL a scan if asked by RC groups members only. The file size is 4.91 MB - over the rcgroups limit of 3 MB.

Best Regards,

Posted by JeffMac | May 13, 2014 @ 06:47 PM | 6,620 Views
Hi Everyone -

This is a scan of my original M.A.N. plan service full size scan of " SAFIRE " - a delta control line model.... It was published in the Sept 1959 M.A.N. ( thanks to Steve-P for the date)

Designed by Vern Clements. ( thanks stevewmd)

Feel free to down load this full size scan and enjoy !

steve I've sent this to outerzone....

Best Regards,