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Posted by troynh | Sep 14, 2009 @ 05:14 PM | 11,287 Views

Here are some pics. Got this done today after lunch.

It'll have a 16"x80" Clark Y with a 5 or 6 degree dihedral. (Possibly with ailerons.)

Posted by troynh | Sep 07, 2009 @ 07:42 PM | 7,822 Views
This unit survived a death spiral from 350+ feet when one of my wings folded. This happened in March and it's now September. The GVS has just been sitting on a shelf collecting dust because I thought it was dead. Well, today I was cleaning shop and decided to have a better look at the unit. There is some cracked plastic and the zoom button is physically broke but the function still works if I stick something in there to actuate it. The only reason It didn't work was due to the negative battery connector being bent down. I bent it up, stuck the battery back in and it lit up like a Christmas tree. AMAZING! The unfortunate thing about the crash is that I wasn't able to save the video. I have the file but it doesn't open. Oh well, at least I still have the camera!

The point of this video is to test the vibration output.

Resurrected Aiptek GVS :-) (0 min 23 sec)