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Posted by Steve_A_Reno | Jul 08, 2007 @ 10:54 PM | 7,001 Views
I'm not a blogger but I thought it might be good to keep a record of what I'm doing with RC.

Started 5 years ago with an E-Gull which I promptly crashed. 2 channel pusher. Heavy, fast, and prone to uncontrolable tip stalls. If only I knew then. Was boasted as a great beginner plane that could be flown in a baseball diamond. I don't think I cold fly it well now even with some basic experience.

This discouraged me from the hobby feeling If I couldn;t fly a beginner plane I shouldn't proced any further. Took a 5 year break until this spring when my son got an aeroace and the RC spark was rekindled

Stay away from 2 channels. There is no need and you lose so much control.
Learn on a sim and go with a well documented, forgiving, stable slowflying beginner 3-channel plane.

More to come.