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Posted by Olearsenewbie | May 14, 2013 @ 06:32 PM | 7,566 Views
Perhaps the most unscale camo-scheme on a spitfire I've ever seen but for 99 bucks you can't beat it!! I can't even buy a foamie ARF for that price plus this is a chance to work on my balsa/light ply ARF construction skills.
Things noted out of the box
1. Elevator joiner is slightly bent. have to bend that back into shape.
2. Very shallow flap deflection plus the flap mechanism is slightly bent on left wing and heavily bent on the right. I already cut both of them out and will install one miniservo in each wing.
3. Retracts look like they where stored in a humid environment as there is just the slightest bit of surface rust on the strut. Very slight. The retracts stick and need lube.
4. Plane was delivered without tailwheel.

Other than that the plane feels solid and well built. The covering and paint were applied well. Covering is wrinkled but a heatgun should solve that problem.
The fuse is straight and true. Tailfeathers are okay as well.
Big plus - comes with a ply electric motor mount.
In spite of the complaints above, you just can't beat this for 99 bucks. This planes counterparts (in terms of size) would be the Hangar 9 Spitfire at 65-in wingspan and the World Models/Airborne Spitfire 60 at 63-in wingspan. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a WM/Airborne clone because the landing gear are the shorter type.

Stardate: December 13, 2013, Friday the 13th. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, or in my world, ill-fitting, u-get-what-u-pay-4-type ARF's, that you end up building true and safe, make you a better craftsman.
This has been a test of patience. I will not install the roundels, nor the canopy. This is the final product (see pics)