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Some Electron-6 receivers
Posted by Bigster | Jan 21, 2010 @ 12:15 PM | 22,567 Views
EPP Yak-55. Been in the fleet a while now, and I've been flying the out of it. Actually even built my 9 year old his own (but I've been known to fly that one too!). One has the 1300kv blue wonder on 3 cell 610 Rhino batteries, the other is 1700kv on 2 cell 500's.

Newest addition is the 3D Hobby Shop 42" Slick. Awesome plane, but got it after the flying season was pretty much done. I'm looking forward to getting it back in the air in the spring!
Posted by Bigster | Oct 25, 2009 @ 09:34 PM | 22,717 Views
Originally equipped with a Royal 46 glow engine, I replaced it with a Scorpion 3020-14, Phoenix 45, APC 11x5.5, and 4S Rhino 2250. AUW is about 4.5lbs.
Never flown by the original owner/builder.

Maiden here:
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Same equipment (DonsRc Wicked 3000kv, 3s 2200) - 90+mph!
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I had the honor and privilege of being pilot number 40 in the Wing Across America event.

Details of my flight are here:
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When I started investigating RC planes about 4 years ago, I ran across this site and realized I had found a wealth of info. I immediately signed up, but my first choice for username, "Sundog", was already taken. I liked that name for its reference to the photographic phenomenon as well as a really old Atari game. Not knowing how long I'd stay registered, I picked a derivation on the name that didn't really make sense, but so what, right? I probably wasn't going to actually POST anything, was I?

Four years later, and I still hated the name. I searched high and low for a cool RC-related name, but couldn't come up with something I liked. Then I thought of something that my now 8 year old son has been calling me. It began when I'd call him "little guy" and he'd call me, "big guy". That turned into "Bigster". Doesn't make much sense to anyone else, but at least it has significance to me.
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How to delete a post:
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Check out my application of what I've learned in the RC hobby to my son's pinewood derby race!


GWS 4 ch Rx
Hobby Lobby Lynx XF EDF


Stock pinewood derby car
Wipes container, foam nose

Some AP pics

Posted by Bigster | May 11, 2006 @ 10:00 AM | 26,162 Views
Pictures from my brushless E-Starter and Aiptek cam strapped on.