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Posted by Tmfury | Nov 20, 2012 @ 05:11 PM | 3,580 Views
Good friends,
One of the truly special places I have had the honer of guiding fly fishing at is the spectacular Trinchera ranch near Ft Garland CO.
170,000 pristine acres, that contains 3-14,000 ' peaks-mt Blanca, mt Lindsey, and little bear.also some of the nicest streams and still waters to fish-ute creek, Trinchera creek, and Sangre de Cristo creek.
This ranch is managed by some amazing people and the lodging and staff are second to none( meals are simply wonderfull)
In the last year I have begun to fly at several different locations here, all are grass , wide and spacious with drop dead gorgeous views!
I know that the potential for a f3k contest/ festival is very real and very affordable.although a great distance for many.
I'm currently intrested if anybody wanna come out here and hang out, fly, and flyfish !
And if anybody got some good ideas for a event to hold here , just lemme know!
And if this is not a place that interests you , respectfully-don't make negative's welcome
Posted by Tmfury | Nov 20, 2012 @ 12:25 PM | 3,600 Views
Good friends,
Wanted to describe my experience with Roland's new X3 after using it almost exclusively for the BSOA .
First of all, I've been flying x2's for almost a year,besides many many practice sessions during these months, I also flew them exclusivly in 4 different 2 day I think I can say that I know the airplanes well.
With the arrival of my X3, I quickly installed receiver , and routed the antennas "mike smith style "which I have done on all my concepts .
Due to work and weather I managed to get about 1-hr of flight time on her (spread over 3 days)maybe less,before headin out to eloy for bsoa.
Arriving fri morning allowed me to get some more time with the model
Initial impressions-
Perfect in every way for me,great launch, superb handling ,amazing l/d, excellent in all air conditions.
First round ,chose x3- and flew till maybe 4th round when I decided to show some love to my x2
Flew 2 rounds with x2 then went back for x3 the remainder of contest
Finished contest in 13th place w/90% of winners score, (my best % so far)
And with the exception of JBL ,12th, I got beat by some great pilots!!! Lol!!!
X3 really fits me perfectly
Jon I was in 12th till you timed for me,hmmm lol!!!
Actually I can't wait to hire you again! Great job/ way fun,we was laughing the whole time!