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Posted by NASAFAN101 | Sep 29, 2016 @ 10:13 PM | 3,188 Views
When Prinz Eugen Surrendered to the British in May 1945 in Copenhagen which is in Denmank. She was then taken back to Wilhelmshaven on May 28th, to be turned over the US as a War prize. She was Escorted by light Cruiser Dido and Heavy cruiser Devonshire and Two Distroyers HMCS Iroquois and HMS Savage).

What were Prinz Eugen have a Chance to Escape in to open water or were there British Sailors on board her to make sure she didn't make a run for it? But her main 8inch ammo was offloaded under British orders in Copenhagen Denmark, so she didn't have any of her big shells. So My question here is could she have gotten away or would she have been sank right off the bat? and Explain why!

There's an add on to this also: What If" light cruiser Nürnberg draw off Dido and one of the Destroyer Savage. Could PE draw off Devonshire and the other Destroyer Iroquois. what were the odds on them actually getting away, I know PE didn't have any shells, but she did have her torpedoes i believe? Kind of like what i told my two other friends don't sink PE, just corner her and force her to back down and give herself up, then if she doesn't pop off a few warning rounds at her again see if she's back down, then if she doesn't, then sink her! But don't sink her right off the bat.There another add-on, if bismarck and scharnie survivored the war, what is the chances of all three gettting away?