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Posted by treehog | Nov 30, 2009 @ 08:45 AM | 70,797 Views
Big winter projects

One Graupner acro thing ~70 inch I think CAP for 90 to 120 engine which will get a Saito 180 which was damaged when the dual battery mode switch for the radio battery failed on my Biplane Ultimate for 90 to 120 .It went in vertical into deep mud and bent the cam rods.New replacement cam rds goot from LHS last week so engine will be mended.

A acro thing kit ~CAP 55 inch I think for 40 to 60 engine will get a large outrunner that is replacement for ~90 engines and ~3 meter gliders with 30C/50C Kokam 6s 3200 turning prop ~13 inch should go vertical and 3d

Aeronaut Blade delta jet thing 1 meter plus wing for two 3 inch fans and 22 to 30 cells nimh or 8 to 10s
Mods are two 4 inch fan TF 4000 which wont fit in the neccales so necales will be not enclosed eg bottom half cut off and totally exposed to air .Cells will be 9s 3200 30C/50C Kokams .
Top speeds will not be great on efflux sub 130mph but 45 amps or 1200 watts per fan should make etimated less than ~5kg model go vertical very fast similar to F5b and then use gravity engine off for the dive speeds

Estimated the big ticket projects to be finished may 2010 depending on contracts in europe which wreck building shedules

Minor projects

More powerful engine/battery change out the gear for the Voodoo s400 pylon racer to go from present 130mph plus to hit closer to 180mph

Sort out why the twin jet model with 25 glow motor with pusher prop dont fly for me .
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