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Posted by enrico74ec | Jul 24, 2012 @ 05:46 PM | 8,221 Views
Here are some of my projects im trying to sell or trade.
Send me a pm if interested. I'm open to offers, prefer local pickup. If you want it shipped, it can be done but consider that when making an offer please. For both I will need to carefully remove the stab in order to ship it.

Thanks for looking

Posted by enrico74ec | Apr 30, 2012 @ 09:31 PM | 8,570 Views
I finally was able to move to the big leagues, and hopefully with a lot of practice I will be placing better in contest. Here's my new toy! Yeap, you can tell by the big grin!!
Posted by enrico74ec | Jul 26, 2011 @ 07:53 AM | 8,774 Views
Hi all!

I finally maiden my gabby 3.2e this morning on Sunday July 24th, 2011. I worked till 2:30 am the night before to get everything ready and it did pay off. 9:15 I was at the field with everything ready to go. We have a 300 ft walk from the parking lot to the actual flying spot and flight stations so it was nice for a change not having to haul a winch, battery, and field support equipment! Forecast was cloudy and patchy, so thermal was going to be a bit challenging.

Well, lets get back to the gabby. first test flight was a bit hairy and it lasted about 10 seconds and flew about 15 feet. My helper gave it a weak throw and upwards, so I had to push the nose down and up just before it hit ground. No damage and after inspecting everything, we attempted test glide number two.

This one went much better and the gabby flew straight and level for 50 ft. I felt it a bit nose heavy so after connecting the esc to motor cables back on, I moved the battery about 1/4 inch back. Tested for proper rotation and of she went on her third test hop for a full flight. The launch was simple with 1/3 throttle open, and once released, progressively started applying more power.

Climb rate was incredible, I went from cero to 200 mts in less than 18 seconds at a 80 degree climb angle! ! The climb was clean, she just set herself on it and no need to adjust wing level or elevator. At that point no one could erase the grin out of my face!! At 200 mtrs (Or what it seemed to me to be such...Continue Reading
Posted by enrico74ec | Jul 22, 2008 @ 06:56 PM | 9,855 Views
It is being a long time since I wrote a few lines in my blog. Life's short, ply hard i gues. Anyway I just came back from flying my home brew apogge. Although at a beggining I had it with a wood built up wing and ailerons, performance was quite undesireable and it was a bit porky at 6.9 oz.

After some research I decided it was time to upgrade to a bagged wing. After a short conversation with Les, measurements for the new wing where given and order was placed. Thumbs up to Les Horvarth, hew a cool guy and great to sort things out when doing a first time project, great help I must say.

Anyway, I started working on the new wings one week before our Orlando DLG contest. Due to the short Time I figured I would keep it simple so whent back to the basics. Rudder elevator that is. The new wing has 2 extra inches and more of a tappered but straight leading edge. Also the airfoil is an AGxxt series which is more intended for an aileron wing to get full use of the camber changing flaperons. Well it worked out.

After fiddling with 20 minute finishing resin, my first wing bagged (left pannel) came up a bit heavier than the right wing pannel. I thought it wasn't going to affect but it does affect the flight trim. It has a natural tendency to vear left due to the weight.

Although not the best first class finish in the wing, it did came down on weight form 6.9 to 5.1 oz. Much more manageable. With the first wing, even in strong thermal it was quite difficult to...Continue Reading
Posted by enrico74ec | Sep 14, 2006 @ 10:38 PM | 12,155 Views
Hey gang,

Well, I have to admit that I miss my Raptor but I am totally happy with my new Trex. Heres some specs:

Rotoworks G3 carbon Frames
Align metal head
Align metal Tail
Align 450L motor and 11T pinion (Correct me if I'm wrong please)
Quark 33 amp esc
DX6 spektrum receiver and radio
Gy401 and F9650 tail servo
Align pro blades
TP 2100 mah 11.1 lipo
Apex 2100 mah 11.1 lipos

So now on to the Diary. September 14, 2006 Time 6:30 pm

After some tinkering and asking around I found out that there is now easy way to change from mode 2 to mode 1 so I had to relearn everything I knew of flying helis from the biggining. this was starting to be frustrating until I stumbled across my old PDA file on how to learn to fly helicopters.

I couldn't find the web page but I had written down the steps so I made some Trainign gear from balsa, foam balls and some CF rods (and tape electric tape obviously, don't leave home with out it!) and started relearning how to fly again.

Task seem dounting since I was already doing some easy 3D stuff on the raptor, but first thing first. Learn how to take off and land without displacing the heli around. After 4 bat charges, I nailed it down and removed the training gear. Hovering was less than perfect but I seemed to work my way there.

After a few sesion of just up and down, up and down, I have managed to move into the next step of my learning heli mode 2 process. Today I got to do hover spot, land, takeoff and move...Continue Reading
Posted by enrico74ec | Jul 21, 2006 @ 12:57 PM | 12,178 Views
Well, I have to offer a brand new, sealed in box Graupner Silver Taifun. This Airplane is a beauty and the mechanical retracts are included!!

Price $ 345.00 + S & H
shipping weight 11 lbs
Box dimensions 10 x 19 x 43

If any one interested you can write to [email protected]

thanks guys!!

Posted by enrico74ec | Jun 15, 2006 @ 07:26 PM | 12,321 Views
Hi, got this receiver as part of a deal but I need a 10 amp esc for an AXI 2208 / 34. Any offers welcome. See pictures

Thanks for looking


Posted by enrico74ec | May 02, 2006 @ 09:36 AM | 15,752 Views
A couple of weeks ago, I had sveral inquieries for the GRAUPNER SEA FURY. I'm just curious how many of you would be itnerested in special ordering this kit. It will be available for June only if backordered so heres your chance to own a beautiful ARF Sea Fury. I will have 3 available only with backorder. Here are a couple of pictures for all of you that are not acquainted with this model. Picture#1 and Picture #2

Here are the details:

The SEA FURY is a model of an English piston-engined fighter aircraft which set a speed record from London to Rome in 1949. Even to this day, examples of the SEA FURY are still flown in the renowned Reno Air Races. Our model is finished in the current colour scheme worn by the September-Fury which is flown in the Unlimited Class at Reno. The model is of conventionalall-wood construction. The three-part wing is joined using a pair of strong wooden braces. When the model is assembled, the wing is placed on the wing saddle and the two front dowels engaged; two screws are then fitted at the trailing edge to retain it. The tailplane and fin are permanently glued to the fuselage. Two different methods are used to provide slop-free control surface linkages: the servos for the ailerons andlanding flaps are installed immediately adjacent to the control surfaces, while the proven DSS system (Direct Steel System) is employed for rudder and elevator. Assembling the model simply involves gluing the tailplane and fin to the fuselage, joining the wing...Continue Reading
Posted by enrico74ec | Apr 04, 2006 @ 09:00 PM | 13,830 Views
hi Everyone, Here are some pictures of the Local Jet show in Markham Park in fort lauderdale FL. Big time, lots of jets present there. the show was excellently run by one of the local RC Clubs and about 36 pilots where present.

Here are some pictures of the event. Mainly Modellbau-USA Storms, Tango and Airmachi kits flown with T turbines (made by Modellbau-USA) and Jetcat. Also a beautiful variant of the eurofighter the USA sport. Lokk at the pics.

Posted by enrico74ec | Mar 29, 2006 @ 11:47 AM | 14,684 Views
Way cool!! I think I was missing this for a long time, but hey, this is going to be fun!. Anyway, Modellbau-USA, whats with that you might ask. Modellbau-USA is a company born from Airmodelers for Airmodelers. and not only that, but also any other modeler interested either air, land or water hobby.

In Modellbau-USA we build our own jet turbines. We have a strict and demanding quality control so that to assure correct functioning and performance of eacho of out turbines. Our web page is going through a total makeover (since now a days thats a fun term) to serve every and each of our customers better. you can check our progress at www.modellbau-usa.com/catalog and write for suggestions to [email protected]

Although not in our products list, we do carry all of the line of products from Graupner. You can browse the product list at www.graupner.com and order it directly from us. We will get it for you at the best shipping prices available. Just let us know how fast you want it and your zip code.

For international customers all of our prices will be FOB Miami, feel free to quote for any product you're interested on.

Well, Hopefully somebody will be able to read this and i'm pretty sure it will help a lot of folks around here to get queality products. Just drop me an email to [email protected]