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Posted by Ed Waldrep | Oct 21, 2017 @ 02:32 PM | 7,523 Views
I will soon be offering a short kit of a fiberglass fuselage and foam wing 46" long T-33 that I designed myself, designed for a 90mm fan and retracts. I made the molds and flew the prototype a number of times. Here's a link to the thread about it:

The other airplanes in one of the photos are my designs also, the 43" long F-22 is a twin MF480 design with retracts, a laser cut kit was developed later and may be available soon if there's interest, the F-4 was 90mm powered, 51" long with retracts, no kit yet but a possibility since it like all my airplanes was drawn on the computer with DesignCad.