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Posted by bonnie9496 | Mar 07, 2012 @ 02:59 AM | 4,858 Views
Well...The YAK 55 is finished and successful maiden completed.

This was my first 3DHS purchase and I had high expectations. I unfortunately received a YAK 55 that was not initially as great out of the box as most others have experienced. The factory made a few mistakes on this build.
The landing gear had to be totally redrilled. The LG blind screws were on an angle. Canopy hatch drilled twice in the wrong position, cowl dented/blistered and unfortunately the covering around the tail area not applied well.

Ok........however. THIS PLANE IS AWESOME. Ran 3 batteries through the Yak in perfect conditions and was VERY impressed. The maiden was totally stress free, it flies like it is on rails looks great in the sky and lands like a kitten. Can't wait until I can fly ity again and get it really dialled in and CG set and add the SFGs. For initial flight set CG at 3". I rank myself an intermediate + flyer but on the first flight was doing a few knife edge passes and some nice harriers. Inverted flight needed just a tiny touch of "up".

My chosen setup using Rimfire .15 with 12x6 whilst not the recommended one performed well and provided unlimited vertical. At static 526W @ 48amps. Flew for 6 minutes using a 30c 2200mAH battery and came down with 3.78v per cell

See actual maiden flight footage below:

3DHS 46" Yak 55 Maiden flight (2 min 12 sec)

Posted by bonnie9496 | Feb 27, 2012 @ 09:15 AM | 4,394 Views
Maiden flight this week on my new Hobby King model. The Red Eagle Gee Bee. Some great reviews, great look and cheap price drew me to this fun little parkflyer. Perfect size for smallish area flying on 1000mAH 3s battery and capable of 3D or some sports flying. Maiden went well despite thinking I was a little tail heavy??? The landing gear is extremely flexible so might need to look at some "fix" there. All up very happy
Video of the 3rd flight posted below. This is model is a recommended "BUY"
Hobby King - Red Eagle Gee Bee (1 min 58 sec)

Posted by bonnie9496 | Feb 07, 2012 @ 12:06 AM | 4,853 Views
Ordered an Alula from Dreamflight after following the Alula Teaser thread with interest and maidened it today.
AUW was 6oz and the build straight forward. Added carbon flat rod to the pod/wing area as suggested. Achieved CG with two $2 coins. Thanks for all the information, ideas and mods contributed here by others on RC Groups.

Maiden was at my local park that holds no contures or anything to give meaningful lift, wind was about 10mph.
A few javelin throws to trim things and then into SAL. Was managing to get about 30m or so height from my 15 odd launches. The Alula returned to land reasonably quickly after a short glide. I was hoping for slightly more "air time" than my 10-15 seconds.

Now to find some lift!

11-2-2012 Update
Light Westerly winds 10-12mph. Flew a mild grass bank and did my first slope soaring. Maximum flight times about 1.15min, most flights about 30-40seconds. Wing root developed crack with landings, so added carbon strips.
12-2-2012 Update
Went to Wangara mound and flew for about 1hr or so. 12-15mph winds from S/SW. Great slope soaring with maximum time of 4.10min flight. Need S wind. A few hard landings and tail cracked. Repaired with CA.
14-2-12 Update
Wangara slope. Late afternoon flight in fresh 15-18mph(Gust 22mph) winds from South. Huge improvement in the lift! Maximum flight time was 8.25min
19-2-12 Update
Wangara slope 12-14mph SSW winds. Moved further West along slope. Hot 31degree conditions. Managed maximum flight 10.21min with some great lift at times.
10-10-12 Update
At last found some excellent slope action. Burns Beach with winds from the West at 10-15mph. Flight times are 30 min plus, or really however long you can concentrate. Lift is awesome and the view stunning.
Posted by bonnie9496 | Feb 04, 2012 @ 08:20 PM | 5,121 Views
Well......since I got in the air again with the Electrafun and Cessna there have been a few planes pass through my hands along with quite a few $$$$. I would now class myself as an intermediate flyer and quite capable. The only crashes now, which are few, are due to pilot error when attemting low altitude stunts or when I've had equipment failure.
I'll make a list of my past/current planes and try to keep this hangar list up to date.
One in RED are crashed/dead. Ones in BLUEsold/traded
July 2010
Electafun XP - Served me well and was sold to another newbee
Cessna 206T - This plane had numerous issues and was way tail heavy out of the box, though was a good stable flyer when sorted out. Crashed repaired, sold
HK Spitfire - Flew once and was totalled in had crash. The foam just exploded.
HK Mini Swift - Great flyer and still fly it today. Had its share of tumbles. Run it with an upgraded motor now.
Dynam Hawksky - Out of the box was underpowered though performed well with motor upgrade. Was really enjoying flying this and learnt a lot. Was fast and unfortunately it was totalled when an elevator sheered off in steep dive and hit the conrete road at 50mph! A wreck
Parkzone Mustang P51D - One of my favourite and most reliable models. Have run it on Power 10 but now back to stock motor with 10x7n prop. 120+ flights. Loves the wind!
HK Extra 300 - Was a handful and tail heavy. Nice looking plane but so so quirrelly! Crashed many times, then once too many!
HK Floater...Continue Reading
Posted by bonnie9496 | Jan 28, 2012 @ 07:00 PM | 4,617 Views
Thought I'd start the New Year with a blog about my RC model airplane experiences to date. I'll update it when I remember and share my successes and failures with RC modelling.

I live in Perth, Western Australia.

My RC background: Started flying about 6 years ago after seeing a guy in the park flying and thought "that looks fun, I'll do that". A week later I had my first RC model, an Electrafun XP. A day later I had a crashed plane as I really had no idea! I then followed a pattern of fix, crash, fix, crash.........I'm self taught and have learned the expensive and hard way! I went through 6 planes(4 x Electrafun, 1 x Aerobird Extreme, 1 x F27 Stryker) over about 12 months then gave the hobby away, as too hard and too frustrating. I did have moments of success and could fly my simple 3 channel plane just "OK" in circles, however it was always a knee trembling affair when I was flying.
The LHS I went to was next to useless with information and were only interested in selling another plane. The third plane they recommended/sold me was the Stryker . Let's just say that plane never flew more than 20 metres in its brief life!

Fast forward to May 2010 and I noticed a guy flying at a field whilst out cycling. Interest was rekindled and away I went. Purchased an Electrofun XP and a Cessna 206T from the same useless hobby shop and I was away. Still self taught so it was an ugly couple of months but I was improving!(with flying and repairs ). The other thing I found was RC Groups and this has been my greatest source of information and learning.
Posted by bonnie9496 | Jan 20, 2012 @ 12:12 AM | 4,577 Views
At the flying field mid winter