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Posted by drice | May 21, 2013 @ 12:02 AM | 5,098 Views
OK, so my buddy Enrique W (AKA E-Dub) was giving me s**t the other day because I haven't updated my blog with any of the good stuff I've been doing.

So...here's a few pics of my P47, which maidened yesterday. I have about 400 hours since glassing her, just in the prime, prep, paint and finishing.

There's a full build thread over here which focuses entirely on the finishing process, with hundreds (thousands?) of pics and lots of how-to's and tutorials, and many video links...which you can also peruse on my channel link below.

You can find on board video of the 1st flight here:

The 1st flight had on board cameras. I took them off for the 2nd flight, and there's video of that as well.

I'm now prepping it, and my Gee Bee Model Y for the trip up to Castle for the big IMAA event this weekend.

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Posted by drice | Aug 13, 2011 @ 06:09 PM | 56,568 Views
Late last year I was wanting a powered glider with some performance to it, and bought a Multiplex Blizzard without every seeing one fly. It was much faster than I expected, and less glider-like than I expected.

And I really liked it.

I flew it at a local field, and one of the hot-shots came over to see what it was and mentioned something about wanting a "hotliner". I'd never heard that term before...

But I liked it.

Then, a mysterious series of button-clicks while chasing some link down the rabbit hole, led me to realize that "hotliner" was often used in reference to F5B ships.

F5B? What is F5B? I had no idea.

Which led to a series of "Oh My God" moments while watching video after video on Youtube of various F5B hot rods.

All of which made the term "hotliner" when used in reference to my Blizzard really embarrassing.

So I spent a few days doing research, and reading several thousand entries here on RCG, then I smoked my credit card on a call to Soaring USA, and a few days later, $2G's worth of F5B goodness showed up on my porch.

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