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Posted by muscleflex | Dec 02, 2013 @ 03:34 AM | 60,433 Views
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UPDATE: June 02 2017
Apologies - I thought I had updated this.
I have stopped making rods now since there's so many people that have copied and selling them as well. So I decided to stop and spend more time with my family as making rods were taking up most of my time.
I might start again for the latest quadcopters this summer as I know they're harder to balance like the new props for the Mavic.

Safe flying!

UPDATE: May 20 2016
NO real updates... still making the rods for whoever wants them...
Flying season has started and I've started to dust off my planes and heli!

and now, our baby girl is old enough to help pack the rods as well!

UPDATE: Sept 2015
It's been confirmed that the 3DR Solo uses the same balancing rods as the Phantom. So contact me if you require one. Thanks!

UPDATE: June 30 2015
I have Balancing rods for the DJI E800 and also the new quick release propellers for the Inspire:
DJI Balancer Rod: DJI Inspire 1 Quick Release Propeller Balancer Rod (1 min 6 sec)

UPDATE: Feb 25, 2015
My latest Phantom Rod v2 which should be more accurate and the props attach better
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