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May have plugged power in wrong to my frsky g-rx8 reciver no binding light's no binding nothing did I fry my frsky ?
Posted by cuavlindy | Today @ 03:35 AM | 343 Views
2021 Russia Amusement Rides & Entertainment Equipment Expo (Virtual)---
Welcome to visit us
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UpNup has several meanings to me.

1. A little electric Champ I started out with flew up and up and out of sight about the time that I discovered I needed a handle and chose this one.

2. A person who is on the up and up is someone I admire. It’s all about integrity. J R Ewing on Dallas was asked how he could be so terrible to others. He said, “It’s easy if you have no integrity.” I would like for others to see me as a follower of Jesus who walks the talk. A guy that can be trusted, valued, genuine, and honest.

My life verse from the Bible is Philippians 2:13: “For it is God who is at work in you to will and to act according to His good purpose.” That’s a pretty high calling.
Posted by Cox PT-19 | Yesterday @ 03:49 PM | 954 Views
I wanted to run the "Stunt Tank" version of Cox International's new aluminum backplate today, and rather than build up another engine, I chose a faithful old friend that's dragged assorted flying machines around the Hill and S.M.A.L.L's for a long time.

With no changes other than new gaskets and pick-up tube, the old Golden Bee got it's backplate swapped, and was bolted to the stand and cranked up. I'd put several runs on the Babe Bee, but I decided to REALLY run it's golden sibling by doing on-the-run refuels just for the heck of it.

Once settled into it's run, the GB was real steady, and probably would have flown the B.O.T. all the way to Little Rock if it could have lifted the fuel. After 20 minutes or so, I let it run out it's fuel with no needle-fiddling along the way.

One note to any new-comers: While the old hands all know is important to use the fillister style backplate screws to prevent fuel leaks. I just used the GB's originals in the test, with no leakage, but I think Matt and Bernie stock them if you need replacements.

The last photo is the answer to a question that arose, asking if the aluminum backplate has a steel insert to accept the needle valve. The magnet says, "Yes!"

So now, the Q-Tee is on charge, and we may sneak a flight in later today.
Posted by Sean Oelofse | Yesterday @ 01:44 PM | 1,156 Views
Day 2 .....

Thanx Carlos for the video!

Morgan Bay Day 2 Part 1 (4 min 52 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Yesterday @ 12:07 PM | 1,310 Views
Halloa people,

I recently did a "first looks" and simulator-test video on the new Jumper T-Lite radio and that is very nice ofcourse BUT does it actually work as a radio?? :P

Link to it: Jumper T-Lite 2.4Ghz radio

Eventhough this is NOT a long range radio at all we'll see if it can at least get a drone 1Km out there ...

Jumper T-Lite - Game Controller Style Radio - FIELD TESTING (10 min 20 sec)

Posted by unboxingexp | Yesterday @ 12:00 PM | 1,322 Views
With all the rules restricting fun with drones it's about time to go bigger and lighter. Here is my take on a 5" FPV drone. Currently I'm under 236 grams using a BetaFPV SMO4k and a small Tattu 4s 450mAh Lipo. However, I'm planing on switching to Gaoneng 3s 1100mAh (130C). The frame is a Gatehunter X by Dave_C_FPV, motors are 2004 3150kv by Brotherhobby.
sub 250g 5" FPV drone build (5 min 56 sec)

Posted by GroundControlRC | Yesterday @ 08:07 AM | 1,621 Views

Radiolink T8FB FHSS 8CH Mode2 Transmitter Bluetooth Version with R8EF 8CH Receiver - Review Part 2

Get One Here: Radiolink T8FB FHSS 8CH Bluetooth Version with R8EF 8CH Receiver (Amazon)

Get One Here: Radiolink T8FB FHSS 8CH Bluetooth Version with R8EF 8CH Receiver (AliExpress)

Here is a link to the Video:

Get One Here: Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Mode2 Bluetooth Version (Amazon)

Get One Here: Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Mode2 Bluetooth Version (AliExpress)

Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Transmitter Bluetooth & Receiver - Review Part 1 Test Flight

Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Mode2 RC Transmitter Bluetooth with Receiver - Review Part 2

Banggood GCRC

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So I made an adjustable cradle for airplane fuselages.......some 1/4" ply, some screws and wing nuts, and some foam pipe insulations
Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Yesterday @ 07:39 AM | 1,639 Views
Today I took my Tamiya TT-02 Monster Truck out for a more harder test and I ran it on 3S. It works perfectly so far! I'm quite happy with the result!

PS. This is not a TT-02B with bigger wheels!

3650 Motor and ESC!

Please visit my website!


Tamiya TT-02 Extreme Hill Climb! (4 min 30 sec)

Posted by sandet01 | Yesterday @ 12:42 AM | 2,051 Views
Made the jump and got an X10S-E, which put me into the world of widget writing, and how to convert my older telemetry script to the new environment. To sum, as of ver 2.3.11, OpenTX has not made it easy.

See the older post about using it for the Taranis, first.

Widgets are supposed to be scalable, so one can use them in various sized "zones" on the radio screen. There are no functions to help with that. One has to determine all the sizes of the various zones, and then custom create individual screens for each size. There is no automatic way to confine something to a zone, so easy to draw "outside the box" if one does not pay attention. And many of the lcd functions available for the Taranis do not function for the color radios. I gave up - just too many screens, and too much information presented, to spend the many hours writing code that all the different sizes would require. So all items on the screen are hard coded for their positions. Things will get ugly if the area of a widget is different than noted below.

I have yet to fully understand "options" for widgets. So while there are two color options available, best to just leave them as is.

Widgets do not currently support "Events" - the press of the menu keys for navigation/incrementing of values. I instead emulated by use of either the Elevator stick, or the Rudder stick. The screens tell you what to do.

One additional trick: If you top off your...Continue Reading
Posted by jameschen072 | Mar 02, 2021 @ 11:58 PM | 2,109 Views
Hi everyone,
I was chatting with my friend Erica at Banggood about what new products they have coming up and she told me about a giant coupon list that I think some of you might find useful!
The list covers a huge range of products but I’ll limit the items to products I’ve actually had my hands on, just to make sure they’re items you’ll most likely enjoy as well. If the coupon expires, let me know and I’ll bug BG for a new one.

General coupons

1. Buy $200 get $25 off FPV systems
Coupon: BGFPV25

2. Buy $300 get $30 off FPV systems
Coupon: BGfpv30

3. Buy $300 get $30 off RC aircraft and aircraft parts, $400/$40 off, $500/$60 off
Coupon: BGair30/BGPlane50/BGAir60
Link (aircraft):
Link (aircraft parts):

4. 10 percent off Volantex airplanes and parts
Coupon: BGVolantex10
Trainstar 747-6 v2 1100mm
One of the most durable trainers out there- mine's a seaplane!

Micro sport cub
If only I had something like this when I was learning to fly... 10 min+ on a 1S pack!


1. Turbo racing 1/76 TXR, NO TRANSMITTER
Code: BGTurboNew (18% off)
Description: One of the tiniest R/C products I’ve ever had my hands on! Here’s a link to my review:
Turbo Racing 1/76 (HO scale) Mini- Full Review (
...Continue Reading
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Here's a link to a great article in this month's issue of Model Aviation Magazine on 1/2A Model Aircraft by my buddy, Fitz Walker III:
Posted by Angry Don | Mar 02, 2021 @ 01:28 PM | 2,250 Views
How to convert your Moblite in Angry moblite ???
Everything is in my lastest tutorial... 👊
(With english subtitles...)

Happymodel Moblite 6/7 Angry canopy mod moblite6 moblite7 Runcam nano 3 HQ 40mmx2 alienmodel auline (8 min 33 sec)

Posted by flightengr | Mar 02, 2021 @ 11:09 AM | 2,354 Views
I'll share some setup files for the Spektrum NX series transmitters in this page of my blog.

In posts below you'll find:
- Acro (airplane) model with three transmitter flight modes (to go with three receiver flight modes) plus a throttle cut mode

I usually post a PDF file with each model setup that has step-by-step instructions for creating the model yourself on your transmitter. I always encourage people to do that, as you'll probably learn a lot about your transmitter as you do it. The transmitter manuals cover all of the configuration screens, but they really don't tell you what to do with them. The flexibility of the transmitter is wonderful, but it can be daunting to learn how everything works without specific examples and applications. I think it's helpful to go through setting up a model with a specific goal in mind.

I've posted model info specific to using the NX series with RealFlight on my RealFlight 9.5 blog page.

I have a separate blog entry about the Basics of Dual Rate and Expo.

There are other model files in other pages in my blog that have model setups for the Gen2 DX series which can be imported on the NX series.
Posted by TBY | Mar 02, 2021 @ 07:50 AM | 2,425 Views
A mini review and some small upgrades on the Volantex Phoenix V2 2000mm Wingspan EPO glider.

My Shopping experience:
Bought the first one on Banggood. It went missing somewhere in China 😊
Banggood sent me a second one. Arrived broken☹
The third one I have ordered from It’s under the name “MODSTER PHOENIX V2 2000MM” (same plane) and they had a big discount. This time, it has arrived in mint condition.

What I like:
Plug-in system for the wings on the fuselage using a snap lock (see pic.).
Flap servo is “inverted” (see pic.). You can use two standard servos for flaps with Y connection.
A lot of place in the front fuselage. Got an elevated “balcony” for the receiver (see pic.).
Plastic fuselage.

What I don’t like:
Very low-grade servos. 3 broke after few flights without any hard landings.
A bit heavy and needs about 15gr in the tail for a 3S 2200mah.
Spinner looks a bit flimsy.

Flight experience:
It flies a bit faster than Multiplex EasyGlider.
I do not think that it's very good with thermal soaring. Did not fly a lot so I am not sure about it. Please comment on this if you have other experience.

Some ideas:
Address the servos issue!
If you choose to stay with the original servos: Check servos carefully before each takeoff and
Install servo covers.
There is an opening in the rear end of the body that enables you to add a balancing weight inside the body.
I have added a tube inside the body where the wing rods are (see pic.). That prevents the rods from contacting the servo cables each time I insert them.
I have changed to Aero-naut propeller.

Bottom line, for the right price it is a very nice value for money PNP glider…
Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Mar 02, 2021 @ 02:19 AM | 2,585 Views
I almost finished my Tamiya TT-02 Chassis to Monster Truck Conversion and its ready to run! So i took it outside for a quick test drive! I think it looks great and it run quite well so far. I first ran it on a 2S Lipo to see how it goes!

3650 Motor and ESC!

Please visit my website!


Tamiya TT-02 Chassis to Monster Truck Conversion, First Run! (3 min 12 sec)

Posted by gke | Mar 01, 2021 @ 09:17 PM | 2,705 Views
Next off the printer will be this one: