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Posted by Helen_AGFrc | May 20, 2020 @ 12:38 AM | 10,094 Views
As 2s lipo application cannot meet more and more people's usage, this 12V Series Smart Servo especially designed for higher voltage application, such as R/C Crawler Cars, Airplanes, Boats, Robots or Industrial/Medical applications. The highlight of this smart servo is available to upgrade the firmware via USB programmer for different usage as required.

The 12V smart servo comes with below features:

*Why it is the smart servo, because it can be USB programmed to the winch servo or regular servo as you like, and it can run at 3S lipo.
We spend many times developing on the program software, and the 12V is the special edition which use firmware to programming into the winch servo.
You can always download the our program software here https://www.agfrc.com/index.php?id=download-center

*It is waterproof version which can handle poor weather conditions or underwater use.

*For high precision used, it comes with the magnetic sensor.

*What is more, it has 3 ball bearing for its strong and robust performance.

The 12V smart servo is the new hot selling products in the market, and it is great for high end builds.

The 3S waterproof smart servo also stands for one servo,but mulit-use. We got many positive feedback from our customer.
Below is the testing video of SA86BVMW:
Test Servo AFG RC SA68BVMW (7 min 7 sec)

Specs of #SA86BVMW:
Stall Torque
48.0 kg-cm (667 oz-in) @ 11.1V
57.0 kg-cm (792 oz-in) @ 12.0V
60.0 kg-cm (834 oz-in) @ 12.6V

Unload Current
380 mA @ 11.1V
450 mA @ 12.0V
480 mA @ 12.6V

Operating Speed
0.140 sec/ 60 @ 11.1V
0.125 sec/60 @ 12.0V
0.120 sec/60 @ 12.6V

Loading Current
4000 mA @ 11.1V
4500 mA @ 12.0V
4800 mA @ 12.6V

If any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]