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This car features a full proportion 1/20 scale racing car design, equipped with a 2.4GHz control system ready to race, two-wheel independent suspension system and shock absorbers, and independent metal differential, which can steadily move forward and backward, turn left and right, and it also can prevent damages caused by the vibration effectively. Vivid design gives your kids a sense of controlling or driving a real car with this model car.

Just 19.99$ off coupon code : 【KT1881】at RcMoment

Made of high quality ABS material
Ready to run and no need to assembly
With large capacity rechargeable battery
1/20 scale suitable for indoor and outdoor control
2.4GHz supporting a range of remote control about 50 meters

Brand name: KY TOYS
Item NO.: 1881
Item name: RC Racing Car
Material: ABS
Color: Blue
Scale: 1/20
Drive System: 2 wheel drive
Remote control frequency: 2.4GHz
Max. speed: 20km/h
Transmitter battery: 2 * 1.5V AA battery (not included)
Car battery: 4.8V 700mAh Ni-Cd battery (included)
Remote control distance: About 50m
Charging time: About 120mins
Working time: About 15mins
Suitable age: Above 6 years old
Wheelbase: 135mm
Wheel diameter: 50mm
Wheel width: 23mm
Ground clearance: 20mm
Car size: 220 * 138 * 70mm (artificial measurements error allowed)
Car weight: 298g

Package Information:
Package size: 25 * 18.8 * 15cm / 9.8 * 7.4 * 5.9in
Package weight: 565g / 1.2lb
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Sky Speaker-I Drone Megaphone Review (6 min 39 sec)

Sky Speaker-I is a megaphone designed for SUAS,can be installed on multirotor and fixed wing platforms.Based on digital wireless transmission technology,it can play recorded sound sources and do real-time broadcasting.In this case,it will be very helpful in missions like rescue,search,fire fighting,police negotiation etc.

Compared with normal analog signal transmission based megaphone,Sky Speaker-I uses advanced digital voice coding technology,which enable the speaker to avoid analog sound disturbing in the air.

Sky Speaker-I has 2 working modes: play SD card recorded sound and real-time broadcasting.You are able to switch the modes easily on handheld intercom.Another big feature for Sky Speaker-I is its lightweight design,simple structure and small size,which makes the drone to carry it easily and fly with low resistance in the air.

1)Lightweight design,only 500grams for speaker
2)All-in one structure and small size,easy for installation and low air resistance
3)Based on digital voice coding technology,can get super clear voice and prevent disturbing from analog voice sources
4)2 work modes:recorded sound play and real-time broadcasting.Easy switch
5)Internal magnetic speaker,do not affect drone geomagnetic field
6)Anti-squeal design
7)Super clear and high strength sound,great penetrability

Product link:
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I got a used, new to me, Blade 250 CFX today!

It looks like a fine step up from my sub-micro Blade 130S.

It seems to be working well after inspection & systems test. Main Motor seems a bit wobbly (? cheep) but otherwise i like it so far. It has some real power & awesome sound

I'll look further into the sloppy motor issue-it may be OK or may need servicing. We'll see...
The tail blade needs replacement soon but is okay for now. It looks bent but not torn, so i'll be easy on it. I bet my lhs has spare tail blades

This 250 CFX came with a spare Main Gear & two orange Microheli plastic Main Blades! Perfect.
The stock Carbon Fiber Main Blades are a bit fancy for me. I'll enjoy them later after i get more experience & stop crashing so often

The seller thankfully double-boxed the 250--its stock box looks dang new. I'm impressed. Hope to maiden soon, been windy down here in Texas.

Good day y'all
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My review of this new toy drone that features nearly 15 min flight time which is impressive for a toy drone.

TYH TY-T6 Phantasm "EVO" Clone Drone with 15 mins flight time!!! (17 min 13 sec)

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I will be using the struts because on the rigorous test flights without them I have found compression wrinkles on the top wing just beyond where the spar ends and the flap area begins. This is a stress riser due to the servo cutout area. The wrinkle is invisible until the wing tip is picked up. If a longer spar were used out to within 8 inches or so of the wingtip then there would no buckling. Horizon has no Maule spars for spares. So a substitute will be researched. Until then the struts will be used.

Plywood wing spar mod:

I cut out plywood wing spars with dimensions of 1/16 thick by 24 mm deep by 470 mm long. Each spar weighs 12 gms compared to each V strut that weighs 19 gms (w/o screws). The wing maximum depth is 30 mm so there is 6 mm between the spar and top of the wing.
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Focke-Wulf Ta 152 added to download library.

Some 3d Workings...
Downlad at :

Vincent Unrau
All plans are free
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This would be some of the smoothest FPV footage I have ever recorded with a fixed wing. The Mini Talon is a terrific platform.

» Golden Hour (2 min 9 sec)

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The Gee Bee Model R1 and R2 Super Sportsters were special purpose racing aircraft made by Granville Brothers Aircraft of Springfield, Massachusetts at the now-abandoned Springfield Airport during the "Golden Age" of aircraft.

Designed by Howell "Pete" Miller and the Granville Brothers in 1932 the R1 and its sister plane, the R2, were the successors of the previous year's Thompson Trophy-winning Model Z (already available in Phoenix as an "Official" model).

The R1 (NR 2100 #11) using the 800 hp Wasp Senior engine, won the Thompson Trophy race in 1932 with a speed of at a speed of 252.686 mph piloted by Jimmy Doolittle.

The R2 (NR 2101 #7) was designed primarily as a cross-country racer with increased tankage was initially fitted with the 550 hp R-985 Wasp Junior.

A flying replica of the R2 was built by Steve Wolf and Delmar Benjamin that first flew in 1991. That aircraft is now on display at Fantasy of Flight at Polk City, Florida.

Two Phoenix models derived from a SketchUp model by George P. are presented:

The Gee Bee R1 #11 is built at a scale of 2 meters and is fully detailed as appropriate.

The Gee Bee R2 #7 is built after the Eflite 180 UMX model with a wingspan of 510 mm. This in turn is based on the 1991 R2 replica flown by Delmar Benjamin.

The models can be downloaded here.
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Eachine QX65 Review | Inspect, Binding, Betaflight Setup and Flight Test | Project Mockingbird Tip (29 min 45 sec)

I have flown Eachine's E010 and E013, but I consider the QX65 as their first proper tiny whoop. In this review I take you through inspection, show you how to bind to your transmitter, setup in betaflight and show you how it flies. Also, check below for a link to a tutorial on how to setup the QX65 with Project Mockingbird PIDS and settings.

Since the video is on the long side, here's a legend so you can go right to the information you're looking for:
0:00 - 2:00 Intro
2:01 - 5:11 Flight Footage
5:12 - 14:07 Unboxing, Inspection and Tips
14:08 - 15:44 Binding
15:45 - 20:51 Betaflight Setup
20:52 - END Line of sight and FPV Flight

Here's the video I used for the steps to setup Project Mockingbird:
QX65 Tiny Whoop Ultimate Tune Setup "Project Mockingbird" Banggood (26 min 1 sec)
...Continue Reading
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I've been sitting on this one for quite a while, but I finally put it together in a document and posted it. Follow the link below to view my guide that explains the C rate and how it is used in calculations for charging, and discharging batteries.
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addicted fpv freestyle (5 min 14 sec)

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C Ray Tech's RC Hovercraft (10 min 5 sec)

Hello everybody welcome back.

In todays video I am very excited to show you the C Ray Tech Hovercraft. I recently took a trip into the world of Tiny Whoovers, Tiny Whoov, Tiny Hovercrafts which ever you prefer. I fell in love all over again with FPV. I am very proud. This is a 3d printed frame that provides semi push fit assembly. I have models available for brushed motors ranging from 6-8.5mm

I will be offering a pre order very soon so stay tuned. You will have the option of pre ordering a frame or a full kit.

If you are interested please contact me via my contact page

Thank you very much for watching

Stay tuned for future videos by subscribing and clicking the bell.

If you like my channel and would like to donate to help support future videos you can visit the following links.

Thank you very much.

Scoot Safe & Scoot Often
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I've been into rc forever... however... I've never got into boats... I just purchased one and I'd like some advice on how to set it up... I have lots of rc's but this boat is new to me so any advice is greatly appreciated.... i bought a 36" v hull carbon fiber ariane 2... I'm not thrilled with the motor it comes with(3660 2075 kv)... so I'm currently looking at the turningy t~20 and the proteus x520... any suggestions on this is great... I'm planning on putting a turning fat boy 300a esc in it also... I'm going to run 2... 3s 11.1v 6000mah 65c with 130c batteries for the initial setup... I eventually would like to go higher on the batteries but I'd like some input being that I'm green with boats... any info would be greatly appreciated
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New 83 wings are done but heavier than I wanted. Should have skipped the fiberglass layer, may be. On to interchangeable 100 wing set and stab. Truely nervous about flying it. Im just not convinced about that blade joiners system for the wing. Id prefer a big tube or square c.f. joiner.
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AMA is at it again...The believers will dutifully man their keyboards , assured that if they do so, all this darkness will go away..

-Fool me once , -shame on you... Fool me twice , shame on ME !

I don't have a Horse in this race anymore..I shunned the AMA and their promises of Insurance Coverage and a return to the innocence of yesterday's modeling .
AMA has no control whatsoever over what the FAA does , yet they still convince the unknowing public that their voice will change everything.

I can't join a Club without an AMA pass , so I'll fly with my friends on the farm.
Amazingly enough , the FAA doesn't care whether I have insurance as long as I register myself as a UAV Pilot...That's done, so I'm good to go..HEY ! -This may not be so bad after all !