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Notorious in the fixed-wing world, the "Stick" has been the choice of aircraft for apprentices in search of the next level of flight, offering benign handling traits with sporty levels of performance for the ultimate big sky thrills. Designed for intermediate to advanced pilots, this 4 channel beast is purpose built and ruggedly tough, providing epic flying qualities that have endeared this machine to the hearts of many, both young and old alike.

Affectionately dubbed the "Ugly Stick" by many pilots over the years, the VMar "VStick 40" carries on the Stick lineage, drawing from the tried and true layout that is designed to get the job done. Constructed of durable balsa and ply with the trademark box style fuselage, the VStick 40 utilizes a robust tricycle landing gear system with three solid wheels that are designed to take the hits and keep on rolling - rough landings be damned.

Dressed in bright red, VMar emblazons the VStick with the unmistakable Maltese Cross design, drawing from the age old livery of the notorious Red Baron that prowled the skies of yore. Beautiful on the ground and in the skies above, the VStick 40 is easy to track thanks to its size and colors, with its vibrant livery a joy to behold in the bright blue skies.

The Build:

Spec'd as an "ARF" (Almost Ready to Fly) with a 59" spanned two piece wing, VMar hits the nail upon the proverbial head with a well completed aircraft kit that is nearly...Continue Reading
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Picanto Alpha photo shoot! Ultra easy to fly, incredibly stable, and an excellent beginner to advanced trainer thanks to its high wing / low wing capability.

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