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Posted by magkat | May 04, 2010 @ 07:22 PM | 4,045 Views
I enlarged or hacked a Vapor by 60% and used some creative or different ideas to keep the weight down. The photos show my second attempt without the ESC, motor and battery.
My 1st Saran came out just under 3 OZ. It used a 5 gram brushless motor, 6 Amp SS ESC with covering and heavy wires removed and a 2 cell 240 or 360 MA lipo battery.
Why Saran? Well if you look closely at the covering you will see that it is colored plastic food wrap that is sold around Christmas time. The red & green color give good contrast so I can tell which way it is going.
I set this one up to use a one cell lipo, AR6300 receiver, 3 Amp micro ESC, a 4.6 gram brushless motor and 3.3 volt Blue Arrow 2 1/2 gram servos.
As soon as I get the motor from HobbyCity / HobbyKing, I will do a maiden flight.

The fuse is a 19" length of square carbon fiber. The wing is made from two 19" lengths of 1.5MM carbon rod Using brass tubing to connect the ends and create the 20% dihedral. I used 1/8" square brass tubing that just fits over the fuse as attachments points. The wing is movable by sliding the brass fittings on the fuse.
The elevator and rudder is made using .015 seal wire for the frame and small brass tubing for the hinge points.
I used RC56 canopy glue to attach the plastic wrap to the frames.

The wheels are foam with a short brass tube as the bearing. Landing gear and control rods are 1 MM carbon rod with steal wire at each end.

The weight as you see it...Continue Reading