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Thank you RUSH VTX users!

We want to give away 3 prize combos!
Follow these 4 steps to enter the draw:
- Follow RUSH.FPV
- Like this post - Screenshot this and repost to your Instagram. Include a photo of your RUSH VTX as a second photo.
- Tag @rush.fpv

Enter by September 5th, 9:30pm

Combo A:
Rush Tank Mini VTX*1+Cherry Antenna*1
Combo B:
Rush Tank Plus VTX*1+Cherry Antenna*1
Combo C:
Star Power Soldering Station*1+ Stick Ends*1

Click to the original post: or research rush.fpv on Instagram.

Thank you.
Best regards,
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How to request after-sales service from Rush FPV

Please email [email protected] with following information

-Your Name
-Country you are from
-Company name ordered from
-Date of purchasing order
-Purchased product model and quantity
-Issue product picture with written issue explanation / Video issue explanation

Your feedback will be replied within 1-2 days.

Attention: Only email feedback will be answered.

Thank you.
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United States:
Ready Made RC:
Excel Drones:
Mini Quad Test Bench:

Rotor Village:





South Africa:
Flying Robot:
RC Edge:

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Keep your thumbs/fingers in the right spot with these stick ends from STP made specifically for the Taranis X-Lite. Extra pointy tips keep them right where you want them.

Choose between two colors, Black or Red.

Material: Anodized aluminum
Color: Black or Red
Thread: M2.5
1x Set of Stick Ends (2pcs)

Starpower CNC aluminum gimbal stick ends, transmitter stick anti-slipping cap Red/Gold/Blue/Black


For a thumber, stock X-Lite stick ends lack grip. As I use a light grip, i found I often had to re-adjust mid-flight (or worse, mid-race).
These drop in replacements never slipped once for a full day of racing. (I use a fairly light grip on the transmitter)
Seem to be good quality. Nice finish.
Height adjustable using the stock grub screws from the stock X-Lite stick ends. Hex key to make adjustments is provided.
Max height is about 4mm longer than stock X-Lite ends (great for hybrid pinchers). Min height is about 2mm longer than the min height of the stock X-Lite stick ends.

High quality CNC machined aluminium stick ends, helps prevent thumb or finger slippage mid flight for precision movements, easy to install (less than 2 minutes)

3mm - X9D (Taranis), FlySKY, Spektrum, Futaba and other 3mm gimbal equipped radios

4mm - For FrSky M7 and M9 gimbal,...Continue Reading
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Rush Cherry 5.8GHZ Racing Antenna is going to release in 1-2 weeks. Please fellow me on facebook for the latest information.
STP Hobby&Rush FPV
Tel: +86 51981196159
Cell: +86 18651945495
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Rush VTX Customer Q&As:

Q:Is MMCX to SMA Pigtail included?
A :Yes
Q:Is there someone running it on 6S ... the specs says it can handle 25V. Afullty charged 6s battery is 25,2
A:Technically, yes. But I wouldn\'t recommend it. it\'ll run super hot and you risk a burn out.
Q:i have to ask again if there is a manual. i would like to know witch color indicates the different power settings an so on !
A:Now you can download the English manual.
Q:Hello, should I connect the VTX to a 7v input please on the flight controler?
A:The power input range of TANK ULTIMATE is 7-25V, as long as the voltage in this range is met, it can work normally.
Q:Mine is locked, how do you unlock to get the full 800mw?
A:ULTIMATE's maximum transmit power is 800mW, no lock, please read the user manual, from the button or smartaudio can be set directly.
Qoes this have built in mic?
A:There is no built-in microphone, and audio access and transmission are cancelled for a clear signal. Please fellow us and we have a complete audio solution for the new version of freestyle. Including onboard MEMS microphones and dedicated dynamic audio noise reduction chips will be integrated in the next Tank Plus version.
Q:How do I unlock to 48CH? The extra L band I mean. Manual says only on &...Continue Reading
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The newest Rush VTX by Star Power is specifically designed for racing.
Why is it so awesome? You can change channels and power while being in PIT mode so your not interfering with anyone else.
The slimline MMCX connector makes it easy to mount and releases the pressure off the coax cable.

How to mount it? Stack it on top of your PDB/FC because it has a 30.5x30.5 mount solution.

Everyone uses on board microphones now, and with noise cancelling on board you get a clean sound coming through to hear every bit of your power throttling to get you through the track faster than anyone else.
Clean power and band narrowing.
The Rush VTX uses an on board LC filter that can take up to 25 volts!
The bandwith it uses has also been narrowed to 20mhz meaning you wont bleed your channel onto others.

5.8ghz, 25/200/500mw power output with PIT mode.
On board mic with noise cancelling
TOUGH MMCX connector to SMA
On board power filter for clean video
30.5x30.5 mounting holes
25V input
37/40/48 Channels
6.8 Grams weight

Click to directly contact Rush VTX Representitive
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Dimension: 85*55*40MM
Weight: 232G

Facebook: Security Check Required
Twitter: DRONE RUSH VTX (@ElliotYu_CN) | Twitter
Instagram: Elliot Yu (@droneracing.elliot)

Best regards,
Email:[email protected]
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Dear FPV pilots & enthusiasts,

This is elliot, the representive of Rush VTX. Rush VTX has 3 edition: Lite, Tank new edition Race VTX.
Tank and Race VTX were designed with the superior performance for multiplayer racing, 8 pilots are allowed to fly together with Rush VTX.

RUSH VTX TANK 5.8G 48CH Smart Audio 0-25-200-500-800mW Switchable AV Transmitter for RC Drone

Item name: Rush VTX Tank
Input Voltage: 7-25V DC
Output Voltage: 5V 1A
Channels: 48CH
Power: PIT/25/200/500/800 mW
Installation hole: M3
Dimensions: 36*36*4.5 mm
Weight: 6.8g(Including Cable)

With technoloty of
The new designed locked frequency circuit coordinates software optimization, enables transmitting frequency of TANK to
keep the set point in any harsh (high interference) environment.Allows 8 drones racing in same band, without interference.

2)Power Lut
Built- in high precision power lookup table which performs milliwatt power calibration for all channel, full band has it’s own
unique power output.In multiplayer flight, all players will benefit from this and obtain a fair and consistent

3)Silent setting
The intelligent transmit circuit of TANK will not generate any interference signal during the switching and setting of VTX.
With PITMODE, you can set the VTX anytime and anywhere.

Built- in SmartAudio protocol authorized by TBS. Which can be set with RGB LED by conventional double buttons, and also
access the SmartAudio...Continue Reading