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Posted by markStockton | Apr 29, 2006 @ 10:55 AM | 4,581 Views
My student, Justin came round on Thursday (public holiday in South Africa) to refit (some TLC required) his Kidz park flyer. Once we where done we took it to the local park for testing. It flew great but needed some elevator trim adjustment. We adjusted the elevetor in the work shop and then flew in the street outside the house.

Jessie took some cool photos as well as some video that is far to big to post.
Posted by markStockton | Apr 24, 2006 @ 01:04 AM | 4,783 Views
Peter Eagle and I discovered the perfect way to spend a rainey Saturday afternoon. We build a couple of Mugi Evo's using the instructions found at

Both are powered by HiMax 2025 4200kv motors with 25 amp Castle Creations controllers and 7 X 1050 KAN zapped and matched batteries. Most of the above is available from Murdoogs Flying Machine.

Along the way we learn't a couple of interesting lessons in building and more so setting up these little monsters. More information to follow later once I've measured my presets and throws. We also learn't that you shouldn't use a plastic yoke to hold a 6X6 Robbe folder together. Because at +- 130 Watt, it will expire and shed blades.

I think the smiles in the picture say everything, these are a Samoersa lot of fun .

BTW - Anyone interested, we cut some extra kits, so if you speak to Ilma at Murdoog, you could probably offer her a suitable amount of money to part with it.
Posted by markStockton | Apr 16, 2006 @ 07:47 AM | 4,717 Views
Yesterday I was invited to fly in the International F5J eXtreme event at the news silent flight club in Gauteng. The Groengoud field located near Swartkops in Pretoria must rate as one of the best flying sites in South Africa. The field is an instant grass farm and consists of short, smooth lawn of more an a kilometer square.

Here are some videos from the day. Here I'm launching my Scud DLG glider (2.4MB), here I'm catching said DLG (3MB). I couldn't resist flying Kurts Eish! 4MB. Finally here I'm launching the F5J Cumulus (4.2MB).

Thanks to Malcolm and Francie for such an enjoyable day, Kurt for the calling and the loan of an Eish! and Jessie for the cool photos.