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Posted by rc4fun | Aug 01, 2011 @ 02:11 PM | 8,971 Views
Saturday morning I went to my favorite place to fly, Croom field AKA Patuxent River Park, Jug Bay. There was a big picnic getting set-up but after talking to the folks I got the OK to fly until it started getting crowded.

After getting set up and flying Greg Lewis the park manager came over to talk with me, we have talked a few times during the 14+ years I have been flying at this field. Well, it seems that another good thing in my life is at an end. He informed me that ‘someone’ has complained to the (PG County?) park commissioner about big noisy airplanes flying low over them down by the boat dock & camp site. I think I have an idea who, later in the story.

So… the commissioner spoke with Greg and asked why he allowed model airplanes to fly when it is clearly against the regulations. Greg was unaware of this fact and does not have a problem with RC flying – “after all it used to be an airfield & seems appropriate”. I did not realize that this park came under the direction of PG county parks, which I have always known is VERY RC unfriendly! Greg has been told to stop all model airplane flying at his field.

Greg is sympathetic to our problem and would like to have a waiver for at least sailplanes, he knows that we did not create the complaints and has never heard a bad report caused by glider flyers. In fact many park visitors enjoy our company.

For now there is no more RC flying of any kind at the Croom field!