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Posted by MrSmoothie | Mar 16, 2018 @ 02:34 PM | 11,941 Views
Here are the links to my build logs in one place to make them easier to find when visiting my home page. These projects are in the order in which they were completed, although I've moved my most recent "Covid Projects" to the top.

My Covid Projects in order (8 so far):

Black Horse Models: Dornier Do335 Pfeil -- build log, modifications, detailing, etc.

Converting FMS 1400mm P-40B to P-36 / Hawk 75A-3:

Converting Taft 1450mm Yak 11 Trainer to Yak 3 "SteadFast" Reno Racer:

Improving and Detailing the Seagull Dewoitine D.520

Building, Painting & Detailing the Black Horse Models Heinkel He112B:

Building and Detailing the Advanced Scale Models (ASM) P-61 Black Widow:

Building Aeronaut Grumman F9F Panther, 90mm EDF

Building, improving and detailing the Seagull Models Percival Mew Gull 1936 Racer:

Building, improving and detailing the Seagull Models Silence Twister aerobatic homebuilt:

Older Build Threads in order:

Revamped VQ Models A-...Continue Reading