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Nothing fancy. I keep it simple by using a strong heavy 62" x 9" x 10" cardboard box. Usually the one I received my DLG in when I bought it new. I like the boxes with full-length slip-on lids. You can fit up to 5 DLG's in one box with careful packing. I have shipped and received many DLG's this way, and never had an issue.

1. Put the wing in foam wing bags (tape aileron roots to wing root so they can't move).
2. Remove the horizontal stab, put it in protective cover, and tape it to the wing (control horn facing out).
3. Put protective foam sleeves on rudder.
4. Place wing and fuselage in box and then pack all open space with loose foam, bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper, foam packing peanuts, or whatever material you have. Don't pack tightly. Keep it loose. Pack material between wing and fuse, and arrange items so nothing is touching the inside wall or bottom or top of box. Leaving it loose helps protect if something punctures the box during transport (the items can move a little bit instead of breaking).
5. For extra protection (I usually don't do this) you can tape a 61" length of 3/4" pvc pipe inside the box (to prevent lengthwise crushing). And/or build square box ends from plywood, and glue them to inside of both box ends (to prevent box crushing side to side or top to bottom).
6. Always buy full value shipping insurance, just in case.
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One year old orange Snipe in very good condition. Never been crashed or needed a major repair. Totally air worthy and contest ready. Some minor cosmetic imperfections (detailed below). This was my #1 comp plane for most of last year, and has served me very well.

SERVOS: DS188 digitals on tails, Hyperion DS-09 digitals on ailerons.
BATTERY: 750mAh 1S lipo
OTHER MISC: Quick detatch square carbon pushrods on ailerons, gap seals on wings and tails, wing/tail bags included.
WEIGHT: Flying weight with my gear ~250g.
IMPERFECTIONS: Wing leading edge has a couple of very small ding spots that have been filled to keep leading edge true (insignificant). One deeper but non-structural midair bump scar from Blue Skies over Utah last summer. Simple fill/patch job with a small dart of carbon cloth. This is the only noticeable repair, and functionality is good as new. Some slight scuffing on the nose cone, and a small amount of light rash from normal wear on the tip ends of the aileron trailing edges and tails (all Snipes that are flown much get this - again insignificant).

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- Wing: Light layup, molded, full carbon, solid core, top drive
- Rudderless with spring/string elevator and removable servo
- Switch jack with external charging plug
- Battery: 360mAh 2S 7.4V Lipo & Paul Daniels PLD-BAC-55C regulator (with voltage indicator and low voltage alarm)
- Throwing blade: Standard Polaris straight airfoil blade
- Ballast: built-in box in wing saddle; lead pieces & spacers for 7g, 18g, 28g, 46g
- Servos: Ailerons - Hyperion DS-09 digital, Elevator JR DS-285 digital
- RTF Weight: 253g (with my Rx and at my preferred CG)
- $595

- Wing: "Pro" (standard all-around) layup, molded, full carbon, solid core, top drive
- Rudderless with spring/string elevator and removable servo
- Switch jack with external charging plug
- Battery: 1200mAh 1S Lipo
- Throwing blade: Inset CR curved blade
- Servos:
Ailerons - Hyperion DS-09 digital
Elevator - JR DS-285 digital
- RTF Weight: 281g (with my Rx and at my preferred CG)
- $795 SOLD!

Both are fantastic fliers. Polaris is lighter weight, and has a somewhat higher lift airfoil. Gives amazing performance in light conditions. Arctus wing is similar in area but the airfoil and planform are tapered thinner to the wing tips and has bigger flaperons. It has a slight launch height advantage, and better wind penetration; without giving up any float. Both are rudderless setups, which maximizes launch height and is super forgiving and easy to fly well. Polaris has never been damaged or repaired, other than a few very minor cosmetic rash touchups on the wing and tails. Same for the Arctus. However I did break the original Arctus fuselage and replaced it with a brand new and vastly superior Wyoming Wind Works long skinny thingy (best DLG fuse ever made, IMO).
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Super Fr3aK

- Solid core molded wing, full carbon.
- Slip on nose cone.
- Almost like new condition. Never crashed or repaired. Some very minor tail rash from normal use, and minor scuffing on bottom front of nose cone.
- Ballast anchor attached to servos will accomodate lollypop type ballast on a wire (never made the ballast sticks).

Equipment: 2 Hyperion DS-09 on ailerons (top drive), 2 JR DS285 on elevator, rudder (both pull/spring operated). Servos are removable with 2 micro bolts. 1200mAh 1S battery that can fly for up to 3 or 4 hours between charges (I never fly that long...). CR curved T-blade (glued and pinned into wingtip, plus reinforcement layers top & bottom - super strong and comfortable)....Continue Reading
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