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Posted by Vuhletsfiber | Jan 31, 2019 @ 12:19 PM | 16,244 Views
Hello, friends! We are glad to present you with our new material. We all know about carbon fiber and its many advantages. On sale there is either a relatively heavy woven fabric, or a light but unidirectional fabric, and this creates certain difficulties in implementing some ideas.
We tried to reduce this deficiency to a minimum, our fabric and light (only 40 g/m˛) and bixial! In connection with the launch of sales, we are ready to make good discounts to those who buy from three sheets of fabric!

Vuhlets® Advantages:

– More homogeneous than its analogues.

– There are no numerous bends in rectilinear fiber.

– Unlike many other materials made of carbon fiber, Vuhlets® in the dry form does not stretch and crumble providing a precise cutting of even the smallest parts.

– Vuhlets® will enable you to make the multi-layer material with any fiber direction and thickness of the monolayer from 0.012 mm (9.5 g/m2)

Vuhlets® — Future Technology

It is made of TohoTenax® carbon fiber:
IMS 65 — high strength carbon fiber

Characteristics of TohoTenax®

IMS 65
Tensile strength, MPa 6000
Tensile modulus, GPa 290
Elongation at break, % 1,9

Toho Tenax® carbon fibers IMS series are tailored to suit applications where strength and stiffness are of ultimate priority. To accommodate this, they are featuring an increase in tensile strength and modulus compared to the usual high tenacity carbon fiber type, leading to unique performances in laminates. Sophisticated...Continue Reading