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Posted by eMoon | Oct 29, 2014 @ 09:09 AM | 9,000 Views
***EDIT - Got some builds planned for the winter now....***

Just completed the Bloody Wonder with a balsa power pod and fuse that is fiber glassed. Tough as nails. I already dorked it twice and bent the landing gear. No damage to the pod or plane! So I made new gear and she's back flying...my flying buddy has one (all foam) and hopefully we can get out to cut some streamers before winter arrives.

I also just finished up a new Flyer. The old one was beat up a bit but you gotta have one of these in the hangar at all times!

Planning some winter builds though Some options I am considering:

1) A new FT Duster
2) FT Racer, as Dusty has to have someone to race
3) Durafly Autogyro, for something different to fly
4) HobbyKing Pheonix 2000 sail plane
5) The 1/2A Hornet pylon racer for a more traditional and satisfying build.

Five builds this winter should pass the time nicely! Of course leaving the two ARF kits as stock builds is not an option. I have to make them mine and improve on the kits as the threads here suggest. A wing did not make the list as I think I have enough going right now and I'm still hesitant on the excitement of a wing. I might sneak in the FT Versa to see what all the hub bub is about and go from there....cheap way to try out a wing.

Other than that I'm hopefully going to clean up, organize my shop and make a new building bench.