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Posted by coreman | Aug 30, 2012 @ 06:04 PM | 8,286 Views
I have a booth at the NEAT Fair September 12-16. unfortunately the Bind-n-Fly Yaks aren't easily shipped (they are about $60 S&H) so they are only available at shows and locally. Email me if you want a specific color at the show and I will reserve it if I have one. Each plane includes a 460mah 3S and additional batteries are available (sold fully charged, ready to go). If you prefer 2S I can swap on a 9x5 prop and 2S battery for the same price.

Spektrum Bind and fly including 1 battery - $150
Rx Ready (for you Futaba guys) w/1 battery - $140
Extra batteries $8 or 2 for $15 (sold fully charged and ready to go)
painted kits: EPP - $60, 6mm Depron - $65
unpainted kits: EPP - $30, 6mm Depron - $35
Completer (servos, ESC and Motor) $35
UHU glue (for EPP building and repairs - $9
Blenderm tape (depron hinge tape) - $3.50

I will have some limited amounts of EPP and Depron sheets and some CF
Reserve specific colors with a PM stating when you will pick it up and I will hold it for you. Supplies limited. We will arrive wednesday afternoon/evening

For colors see the blog entry below from the Rally of the Giants show.