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Hello Cheapskate Parkflyers,

Iíve gotten bitten by the amazing bug that is foam flyers. Another local, Larry, showed me a couple of planes that he had put together with the fan fold foam from Lowes. With a couple simple designs and a really impressive flight I was hooked. Being someone who enjoys the design process as well as improving existing planes, having the ability to produce multiple planes for about $1.73 a piece is a fantastic situation. Also, with how sharp my learning curve is, it would be beneficial for me to be able to crash something that is easily replaceable then any ARF or RTF. With that said I have focused on the f-117. Icrashed thefirst f-117 after I lost sight of it near some trees but I bought some foam and using the PDF plans I made a new one.

Here are the pics from my last f-117. I made the mistake of gluing the control rod on top of the tape hingeÖso the first roll, was my last. Enjoy!

Until rubber planes fly betterÖ

Lots of loft and sticky glue!
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Hello cheapskate parkflyers,

Had some more oops today, but oh well it's a sharp learning curve. Considering the fact that my knowledge of r/c was small, or outdated, in December the fact that I can even get through something like this makes me a little excited. This is just the beginning for me and considering the trials of others I am doing pretty good. I'm waiting for the sun to come out and for the weather to clear up. But until then here are some pics.

Until I cants go no more!

Lots of loft and level wings

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Hey all Cheapskate parkflyers,

Iíve have been wanting the speed and the ability to WOW, at the field. I think I have found it in the F-117 combo. For $166 shipped I got a top rate kit with top shelf parts. With the plane comes with a battery, esc, prop, motor, and two metal gear digital servos for that demanding High-speed low pass! All you have to do is assemble the laser cut 5mm foam parts, install the gear, and burn the sky. Since this is my first Ďkití plane I have made several errors that Iíd like to tell you about so that others may not make my mistakes. First, I epoxied the rear portion on a little too quick and stuck it to the piece of cardboard I was working on. I would recommend that you lightly put painters tape along the bottom of the seam before you epoxy, that is if you like to really goop it on like I do. Second, when scoring the air intakes make sure that you cut your line the opposite on the two pieces. The left and right ducts are the same shape, so I ended up scoring them the same and had two left ducts, so now I have to tape and glue one completely together. Cut the line from the front of your ducts to the rear of your ducts from the front corner to the middle of the trailing edgeÖthis way when you fold it, it is equal and square on the end with the main fuselage. I know that this is childís play to some but it in my defense they are all easy mistakes. Donít throw your plane at the wall after to try to separate it...Continue Reading
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Hello Cheapskate Parkflyers,

Man, did I ever do it this time. Finally moved into my new house and settled in and for my first flight I crash my favorite plane. My wife bought me a WingTigerÖI even named it after her, and I trashed it. Basically I was trying to do something that I had no business doing and I put the plane into the dirt. The first 7Ē of the fuselage is gone and Iíve had to try to rebuild it as good as I can. I think it will fly like stock when I get done fixing it. Had windy weather and I put my little J-3 up (you can see it in the bottom of the pic of me flying). It can handle some 17mph winds and I had it going round pretty good, till I flew over the parking lot to hotrod it for the other locals who were rightfully thinking that Iím crazy to fly the little thing in such winds. My transmitter ran out of juice and I lost control and into a treeÖfunny thing is that the plane was fine! It wasnít until my buddy DJ picked it up and tried to re-launch it did it go nose first and break the motor mount off. But I taped it up with some electrical tape (it was all I had) and flew it for another battery. Super fun 3ch and for $15 I can get a new body, wing, tail, and motor from Iím getting excited about some of my projects. The SpeedHawk, CosmicSpeeder, and 300D Foamy are waiting on their respective motors until they get started. Building a stick and tissue model to learn about construction and that could become RC if I find the right gear. But, Ií...Continue Reading
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Hello Cheapskate Parkflyers,

Did a little research last night as I messed up my new Turborix 6ch 2.4ghz radio. I only have 4ch right now as I canít get the Var A and B to work. When I first got the radio I was able to work the ch 4 and ch5 servos with the Var knobs along the top. But after plugging it in, and not saving the stock settings as a profile, Iíve lost them. So now Iím desperately searching for another, better freeware config (keepitsimple has one on here but so far no word from him on sharing) so that I can use it to the top potential. But you have to have the radio hooked up to program it and all changes are put into the radio instantly. This means that you can have as many model profiles as youíd like. Also got in my second WildHawk from eyeflyplanes. It was used, as expected, and came with a Hitec 3-ch radio. Iím going to take the first wildhawk (that is in much better shape and more rigid) and install the Wattage Speed 400 motor and ailerons. The SpeedHawk will use the 2.4ghz RX from Turborix and new micro servos. This leaves some spare parts for it from the second WildHawk and some cheap gear to work with. I am planning to take the two stock WH 380 motors ( I have 4 total because I got a HF Neptune boat for free that had 2) and esc and turn a large wally world glider into a twin engine 3-ch. With the two spare stock wild hawk servos and my extra 5A GWS ESC I am going to also convert the CosmicFlyer into 3-ch. I have a cheap 4ch TX from eBay coming,...Continue Reading
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Friends, Family, Park flyers,

Having been raised in Gainsville and now living in Alabama I must say that last night was an exciting time and I want to thank all the Roll Tide people here in Montgomery for not killing me for wearing my Gator stuff thank you. Go Gators!!!
Wife and I are getting ready to move into our new house. I get a whole room to myself and Iím starting to put in my work tables. I got a couple of 6í plastic ones from Office Depot with a metal shelf. Iím going to move all the planes in today as well as the gear. Should be nice to have a room for this hobby as it is filling up a lot of space but it is not costing as much as I thought. I guess Iím just finding the bargains or I have more money then I thought. I hope there is some more because Iím looking for a used video camera to capture my experiances. I think that it would be neat for my kid to be able to see what I was into and also be able to help out others with my projects and adventures. It will also heat up this blog so I can get some comments and notice! PM me with your camera infoÖ

Field News
I flew the Avion outdoors the other day while walking the dog. Found that it needed about half a basketball court to really be comfortable. The IR control got the best of me if I tried to fly it without the controller pointed at it but it does have a very wide IR path and it is easy to forget. It was fun to put it into a left turn and let it go behind me and then come back under control. It...Continue Reading
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Friends, Family, Parkflyers,

The rains finally came and went but the wind has stayed. Due to this I decided to head out into the world and look for a little indoor choppa. I really liked the new chanook like thing but decided that since I had time to burn I would visit some other stores just to see what they may have. Of course radioshack had the deal on the Avino micro planeÖmade me think about indoor flyers. I could appreciate the level of skill required to fly one in a confined space. Also, it had fully proportional controls, which increased my enjoyment from the experience. I went back and purchased a second one and now keep one at work and one at home. I will take it to the student union later today to really open her up and see what she can do with some space. More of my friends are becoming interested in R/C flight as the days go on. Seems that they would enjoy something that would allow them to become creative and develop as individuals instead of against some form of perfection. As of now all the activities they participate they compete and that is not always healthy for friendships. Now we are competing to see who can do the most laps without crashing or who is going to make the faster plane.

Got some of my gear in. It was my GWS ESCís and motors. So for now Iíve got a 5A and 15A ESC and two 300 motors with one geared 6.1:1. (I think) So Iím on my way to getting my gear down for the Foamliner and Cosmic flyer 3-ch conversion.

Had to knock some cobwebs...Continue Reading
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Friends, Family, Parkflyers!

I did get to go out today and get in some wing time, and yes I did put the Cosmic Flyer up. Funny how with local conditions lately I donno how I will do in anything other then 5mph winds

But first let me talk a little about a subject that has had me thinking today. I went into my LHS...which is the Wal-Mart. And was seeking an Estes model rocket kit. I found one but it contained a plastic rocket with it....that's no fun to build! And I got to looking around...everywhere are these micro R/C jobs that work for a couple of days (in a kid's hands) or don't even work at all. Where are the balsa planes? Where are the Styrofoam planes that fueled so much creativity and ingenuity? They are gone. Replaced by frustrating little helicopters and airplanes that do not fire the creative spark but smother it and turn potential would be R/C Aircraft hobbyist onto something a little more exciting. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have made it to this point of actually being involved in the hobby, but part of the process was (and I believe this also applies to most of us) throwing those gliders and trying to get the rubber band powered ones to do a ROG takeoff. Companies have come in and ruined the spirit of the hobby. A large problem I see today is that kids don't get outside why take something that can involve the whole family and can get them outside and learning...yes actually LEARNING together and throw a geared prop on it with...Continue Reading
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Friends, Family, Parkfliers,

Today was amazing. Got out the door at 9am so that I could try to get some wing-time in. It always seems to be more windy at Blount Cultural Park then at my apartment..but anyways. It was about 7mph+ and the WildHawk zoomed great! Added about 1oz. to the nose to get level flight which it was needing.

As promised here is my list of Wild Hawk Mods:

-Carbon fiber (walmart arrows...$3) along the fuse and the wing connecting rod.
-Fibreglass reinforced strapping tape along leading edge of wing and bottom of fuselage
-doubled the surface area of the rudder and elevators
-changed the canopy mechanism to magnets instead of the stock latch.
-added 1oz. to the nose for a CG aobut 70mm from the leading edge.

While enjoying my morning I was looking out for other flyers to show up. Sure enough I get to meet James.

James is a 12yr old who came out with his mom to madien his Art-Tech WingDragon. Poor fella used the cool decals to tape his control surfaces straight so his first flight was a dud. Needless to say the conditions weren't too perfect either but he was excited about being out there and I didn't want to disappoint so I let him take the WildHawk out for a spin.

After getting up there a bit I handed the controls over and helped along with some basic " right" help. Seems that kids like to use the playstation control method too much as all he did was 100% throws. Soon the WH was pylon racing itself straight to the...Continue Reading
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Ok Ok, lemmie cool down here for a second....

I'm pumped guys (and girls) about this new year. It has been 10 years since I became interested in RC aircraft. When I was 12 the only thing I wanted was the 2 channel Cox Lazy Bee and the only thing I read was RCM that I picked up from the shoppette on base. It was 1998 and foam ARF's were coming into the $100 price range... but still outside of what I could afford with my allowance.

It was all started when my 4th grade bud, James Glinnis, showed me his over-wing .049 powered 2ch glider. It was all balsa sheeting and really slick looking. But his dad had the Tower Hobbies .45 powered 4ch Trainer...oo it was a huge thing for me to see that take shape. I learned about construction and covering and even the installation of the electronics. But I would never see it fly.

Over the years I was still interested and very much involved in model aircraft. I was really into rocketry with about 20 models. I also had multiple gliders, a C/L mustang, and a FF helicopter. The only part of it all I was not involved in was the most expensive and least available.

It would be another 7 years until I actually got to see, first hand an RC airplane fly. It was also at this time I was allowed to control one. It was a scale home built piper cub, and it was sunset....beautiful. But things got hectic and between High School, moving, and college I got side-tracked.
I lost vision and passion about flight. However, it was during this...Continue Reading