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Posted by johnbyrne | Mar 13, 2007 @ 02:17 AM | 10,251 Views
Pic of my Hornet stuff.

The heli on the right has a broken and repaired tail boom. It has seen a whole bunch of flight time since the repair. It is starting to look less than new but the last time she flew she was very stable. I use to hover this one in my den. She has Graupner C141 servos, brushed motor and stock MS esc. I flew her on 8 cell AAA NiMh packs.

The heli on the left has a metal swash, HS50s on the CCPM, HS55 on the tail, MIA G10 frame upgrade, Walt's auto hub, Razor heli motor, Phoenix 10 esc, metal tail boom (stretched), metal tail box, and CF tail fins. I flew this bird this past weekend. I didn't put much time on her and didn't get her dialed in, just wanted to make sure that esc and motor worked and test a GY240 I had (not shown and not for sale).

The heli behind the left one suffered a boom strike. It has a broken tail boom and shaft as well as broken blades. Other than that I don't see any damage.

As you can see I have lots of other stuff from parts, gears, tail shafts, lots of blades both fp and cp, main gear (2 have broken crown gears), metal tail booms, frames, a Schulze fut-11.20e esc, hacker b20-22s motor, couple of rate gyros, a gy240 gyro no case with an HS50 direct wired, a Hitec feather RX on channel 48 (never tested given I don't have a channel 48 tx),...Continue Reading