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Posted by kbkopy | Dec 08, 2009 @ 01:08 AM | 6,652 Views
Hello R/C and C/L Modelers,

As of this update, I'll be 85 years old in JULY. I have been building and flying model airplanes for the the last 79 years. I started flying Rubber Power before WWII, Control Line in 1947. Got my first engine, a BUZZ 60, applied for AMA Insurance about the same time, received AMA # 1528. I built and flew Ignition engine powered C/L and went crazy when Ray Arden invented the Glow Plug in 1947. I built my own radios and attempted R/C about 1954, usually ended up with a battery carrying free flight that crashed.

I have flown C/L & R/C in the USA and many different foreign countries. I have been around the world seven (7) times. I have flown R/C (Mode 1) and Control Line models in Brazil, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Mainland China, Penang Island Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Bruni, Bangkok Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan.

I have served in every office of The Oklahoma Radio Kontrol Society (TORKS ) over the last 44 years. AMA Contest Director and Intro Pilot. Performed 14 Product Reviews for the out of print "Radio Control Modeler Magazine" (R/C M). And, my wife and I have hosted TORKS Christmas Party for the last 30 years. Usually have about 80 people show up, 40-50 men and 30-40 wives. Yes, we do this for the Wives. Everyone that shows up gets a gift, Nice items for the ladies, Junk for the guys, and TOYS for the kids.

This Hobby has been GOOD to me : Now, I loosing my eyesight due to Macular Degeneration. No Cure, just Painful Hypo Injections into each eyeball every 30 days. (About 250 shots over the the last twelve (12) years) Can't do much R/C Flying, but I still do LOTS of building and LOTS of Remembering

In December 2015, I received the Carl Goldberg "VITAL PEOPLE AWARD" from the AMA and our Wonderful TORKS Members. Only five (5) of these awards are given out each year.

My Thanks to my WIFE for supporting me all these years, I have been blessed. Ken Kehlet AMA 1528