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Posted by hobiepilot | Oct 12, 2021 @ 08:47 PM | 28,984 Views
Maybe I should do a blog post on my latest exploration? Just so I don't blame it on anyone else!

I had asked others input about possibly adding flaps to a glider wing.. thinking that I could do something simple and easy! Uh.. no! In part because half had suggested full deploy flaps, and half had suggested full up TE spoilers! Well.. that.. makes it more interesting, to have both options. This is more of a test bed for several things, than a functional part.. but hopefully it will do that too!

Constraints: Must add to both sides, and there is no room at the TE center section, to pass a "elevator joiner" type wire to control both together. And worse, no space there to add any kind of control horns.. and even worse.. what kind of control horn does a full 180?? None that I know of! Much like fresh epoxy, the plot thickens. I only wanted to use one servo, but had a limited amount of space in the center section. For some time I've thought about the better mousetrap of a pull-pull cable system, using Kevlar fishing line, and genuine pulleys! I couldn't envision how two horns could reside on the hinge centerline, to do 90 either side of neutral. So I came up with this:

I'll make 2 small pulleys. They will be attached to the TE with a axle made from music wire, bent into a U shape, and the pointy ends will stick into the TE. So there is a free standing pulley. The trailing edge will need a slot cut into it, ahead of the hinge line (and a reinforcement...Continue Reading