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Posted by retro92777 | Dec 23, 2012 @ 03:25 PM | 5,012 Views
m frustrated ive spent alot of time emailing back and forth since mid November approx 8 to 10 emails takes about 2 to 3 days for a response my maiden flight lasted approx 5 min after preflight took to the air beautifully but kept for no apparent reason kicking full left aileron i was able to correct thru-out flight but Dec 2cnd on maiden calm wind approx 10 ft off ground it kicked hard left and spun into ground on final i couldn't recover been plagued with problems right out of box cosmetically plane faired pretty well but broke 2 props motor mount destroyed retracts bombs and rockets damaged as well as other cosmetic damage finally got email stating they where sending replacements on about Dec 21 we will see i set plane on table after issue turned radio on and plugged planes esc into battery took video of what i called phantom ailerons intermittently kicking hard left every so often for no apparent reason and sent video to banana hobby hope they stick to their word as i have just ordered the 79 inch p-40. rating this bird is a bit difficult on looks and coolness 4.5 on workmanship and quality 1.5 and on difficulty with customer support 1 lack of and or long periods of time to get responses going on 4 weeks to get warranty parts that where bad right out of box very disappointed!!!! for a plane considered A R F not so much.