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Posted by John Lueke | Apr 04, 2016 @ 10:46 AM | 6,375 Views
Here are some planes from the Harry Roe estate. They are for sale in the Dayton Oh area. Most of the planes are from the 90s and would be good for someone looking for reasonable performance without the expense of a molded airframe.

All of these planes have servos (older Futaba)installed and just need an rx and battery to be flyable.

The first two pics are of a full house plane labeled Barracuda. I can't find any info on it, but it is 110 in span with sheeted foam wings. The fuse is glass, very narrow with transition to a boom behind the wing. I have flown it on the the slope at the Cumberland Soar for Fun and is a fun plane in about 15 mph winds, probably not a good TD floater. The plane is in good condition with no major dings.

The third pic is a 2m Sisu C from Northeast Sailplanes. I have not flown it yet and it is one that I may want to keep unless someone makes a good offer. I like the crescent wing! It is in great condition.

The fourth pic is a 2m Monarch from DJAerotech. It is in good condition , but the wing tips are very fragile thin glass.

Picture 5 is a 2m Gnome with flaps. I have flown it and it winch launches pretty well, but doesn't seem to be a floater. It is in good condition, no damage. Price $80

Pictures 6&7 are of a 3m Bird of Prey, another NESP plane. It has a sheeted foam wing with a couple if minor repairs to the sheeting. The carbon wing joiner is long lost so I have an Aluminum one for now. This is another one that I have not flown yet,...Continue Reading