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Posted by edbu1 | Sep 13, 2013 @ 07:59 AM | 15,724 Views
I do love these Top Flite warbird kits! This one is presently powered by a Magnum .90 4 stroke engine, but it will be converted to electric eventually.

Same methods as my P-40 and Corsair. This one has E-Flite electric retracts. Not a great experience with retracts and I decline to use retracts again.
This airplane has flaps and I added some scale details like the pitot tube, gun barrels, canopy slide, landing gear bay details, functioning inner and outer main gear doors and a functioning retracting (mechanical) tail wheel with functioning tail wheel doors.
Posted by edbu1 | Sep 13, 2013 @ 07:49 AM | 12,939 Views
Turnigy 5065-320 kV motor
80 amp Plush esc
6 cell 5000 mah battery pack

I enjoyed building this from the TF kit in parallel with the P-40 over the course of a couple of years. Has the optional dummy engine and the cockpit kit. Same construction methods as the P-40. Fiberglass with 1/2 ounce cloth applied with Minwax water based polyurethane, then primered and then Warbird Colors brushed on. Testors enamel paints for the details, then TF Lustrekote flat over everything. Functioning flaps and fixed gear.
Posted by edbu1 | Sep 13, 2013 @ 07:37 AM | 13,206 Views
Turnigy 5055-320kV motor with 18x12 prop.
80 amp Plush esc
6 cell, 5000 mah battery pack
with flaps but fixed gear

I fiberglassed with 1/2 ounce cloth applied with Minwax water based polyurethane, then primed with automotive lacquer type from rattle can. Paint is Warbird Colors brushed on. Yes, brushed on. I think the paint came out great without the expense of getting spray equipment including a compressor. And easy water cleanup. For the insignias, tail art and details, including the cockpit, I used the little Testors enamel paint bottles. Then I sprayed a coat of Top Flite Lustrecoat flat over the whole thing.
Posted by edbu1 | Jan 11, 2013 @ 07:41 AM | 12,236 Views
Build a man an airplane and he will fly and crash it one time. Teach a man to build an airplane and he can fly and crash forever.