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Posted by Littlescreamers | Mar 06, 2009 @ 03:49 AM | 13,423 Views
LittleScreamers Proud to be the first to design and introduced into production outrunners for EDF use and revolutionized the EDF world, Well Littlescreamers is thrilled to bring you the "Xtreme Scream" motor for Dynamax fan systems. This motor is capable of powering the premium end of ducted fan models including Yellow Aircraft, JMP, JHH, Top Gun Aircraft, Phil Avonds, Byron, and many more. We are now able to provide a motor that is capable of 6500 watts and over 20lbs of thrust on 16 cells. Currently in testing is 670kv; on 12S we get 103 amps, 4500 watts at 26680 rpm creating just over 16lbs of thrust. When higher voltage ESC's are available, we will be able to push this system to 17 cells and 8000 watts with over 25 lbs of thrust! While the motor is capable of being pushed to extremes, hence the name, it works great on 10S also; 78 amps, 2800 watts at 22,680 rpms and over 12lbs of thrust. That is equal or better than any OS-91, Nelson, Rossi, or K&B could ever do. This motor will also work in the Byron, E Turbax, and Ramtec fans. Get out the old Ducted fan plane you so loved 10-15 years ago REVIVE IT!

It will be available the before summer, and be sure to watch it scream at an event near you!

Check out the Eagle Tree below. These are the latest tests at 12s, Almost broke the 30,000 RPM mark.

Amps 104.4
Watts 4103
RPM 29,411