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Posted by TimeAway | Nov 14, 2021 @ 11:08 AM | 4,803 Views
So I've made several attempts in email to request help with the Flex Innovations Mamba 120. After waiting several months for the Mamba 120 to arrived my initials thoughts were very positive. As I build I'm finding mostly small inconsistences with the build compared to the manual. I recently hit a big one several weeks back and yet to receive a response from Flex Innovations Support or Sales. Yes I probably should call them however the email responses were superb when ordering FI 120 and all the accessories that go with the plane. I also ordered the Flex Innovations Pro Jet fairly close to the same time of ordering the FI 120. The FIPJ has been a really disappointing build and will save that plane for another post.

Maybe someone here can help? The carbon fiber tube when installing into the wing lower tube got stuck. I used this same tube to set up the upper wings throws and insertion was not a problem. When I went to set up the lower wings this same tube hit a spot where is was tight. As done many times I twisted the tube to move past the tough spot and that's when it locked up. After several attempts to backup the tube it finally gave way in the wood formers. Now I have the inner tube and outer tube stuck together. Several men stronger than I have tried to free the two tubes from another with no success. I've tried soap, water , heat outer tube, rubber gloves and still nothing. I know that I can cut the outer tube off however need a replacement and why I'm trying to...Continue Reading
Posted by TimeAway | Aug 21, 2021 @ 12:34 PM | 29,268 Views
I have burnt / smoked two NEW HW Platinum HV 130 AMP ESC. I'm running a JP Hobby 90 mm 8s EDF with two 4 cell packs at 6000 mah 100C each. Combined making up the 8s pack. The HobbyWing Tech service is absolutely horrible. I have asked numerous times in email to speak directly with a tech. They want pictures and get back to you? Their sales department is exceptional, place online order three days later product arrives. I also run other HW products and have worked flawsely and never a need to speak with a tech.

I'm learning from trial and error and it's cost me dearly. $600.00 plus not including the new ESC I purchased today from a different manufacture. I've have search several forums trying to understand what I'm doing wrong.

When spooling up, approximately 3/4 throttle, 30 amps, 1000-1100 watts, a loud screech from motor then it stops. ESC goes in over current or my case smokes. EDF motor ohms out the same on each leg. I've tried reducing the timing. Followed all the calibration processes per HW manual. All the connections appear to be well soldiered. No matter what I try same screech at the same 3/4 throttle, 30 amps and 1000-1100 wattage. Looking for some help or advice as I'm getting nowhere with HW tech service..