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17mm tapering to 9mm
Semi solid xps core 5mm tube channel

1lay GF 50g + 1cf tow 12K spread apart + 1lay GF 50g

I start with a 4x4cm foam piece. I drill the tubular channel into the foam piece with my drill and a CF arrow shaft. This is done inch by inch since you have to unclog the channel from foam pieces cut and squeezed by the arrow shaft as it drills.
When this is done I have a 4x4x50cm piece with a tubular channel morphed into the piece. The arrow shaft serves multiple purposes. it keeps the piece straight and strong so you could work around glassing it and rapping it and it gives access to your wiring and saves 0.5g.
Then I go over to the hot wire bench. With the arrow shaft fitted into the channel, I fit two washers at the end of the piece, one of 1cm diameter and one of 1.7-2cm diameter. The washers serve as a guide for the hot wire to cut into a perfect tapered boom!

Then it's glass time, I cut the 50g cloth in one piece that will wrap 2times around the foam boom. I lightly spray the boom with glue and place it over the cloth for a full rotation. I then pause, lay down the CF hairs on the remaining cloth, hanging from the boom, and wrap the remaining cloth with the CF strings around the boom.
So I have 2layers of GF which have sandwiched CF strips.

I secure the cloth in place with a plain string with a few wraps along the boom. Then I mix epoxy and roll it onto the boom for a good soak. I drain with toilet paper the excess epoxy and wrap the whole thing with straps of PP sheets tightly until it cures.

Sound a bit too complicated, but actually, it's not! I took me about 1-2 hours to complete.

How to build a dlg boom (11 min 15 sec)

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Simple and very strong wing joiner made in a couple of minutes. It's very easy to align, fix the dihedral and complete the perfect fit as you work around the joiner....Continue Reading

1m DLG Build-

Posted by a filos | Feb 23, 2021 @ 12:58 AM | 9,479 Views
The full series...

1 m Glassed XPS foam

Wing Area: 11.96dmē
AUW: 105g
Wing Loading: 8.8g/dmē

Wing cores (XPS foam, the blue staf)- AG03 (15.5cm/9mm thickness) to AG11 (8.5cm/5mm thickness) Wing Plan by Dr.Drela http://charlesriverrc.org/articles/a...gee40_wood.pdf
Mylars - Polypropylene (PP) 0.16mm thickness
Tail cores (XPS foam)- 3mm thick
Painting the skins (Acrylic spray) and Bagging with GF (25g/m2) and Epoxy
Unbagging, trimming and weighting
Joining the wings, installing the peg, preparing the mounting system
Mounting system, Boom, Tail Springs & Electronics installation.
Maiden ! ! !
Nose cone