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Posted by Planekiller1 | Sep 08, 2014 @ 08:40 PM | 5,009 Views
Went great out on a good show with my green ultra flash lots of flashes there says something about the plane more video on the way some pics below
5 people is a lot to fly with but had a great Saturday. Sadly I hurt my flash after the shear pin snapped the runway wasn't the smoothest but was still happy to be invited to go now I need to fix up my flash...Continue Reading
Posted by Planekiller1 | Jul 07, 2014 @ 09:56 AM | 6,020 Views
F100 flight metal actual aluminum put on sanded and burnished
So far my goal is 4 panels a day

So far the best way I have found is the outline the panel in tape sand it a little clean with alcohol cut a piece that covers the section and a little that goes on the tape
Use your finger to push it down on to the glass then use a little tool to push it into the panel line sand the panel till it is nice and even with no orange peal then burnish with a Scott rough cleaning piece exacto the panel line in my case by hand or using a straight edge but I find it to be easier by hand pull the tape with the excess aluminum tape and clean with alcohol to get the aluminum off during and after the tape removal and Walla that's that panel done not to hard at all just time consuming....Continue Reading
Posted by Planekiller1 | Jul 06, 2014 @ 07:28 PM | 6,691 Views
Day One 7/5/14
Installed the tail cone and fitted my old tam pipe from my Classic Flash
Day Two 7/6/14
Installed pipe and trimmed the inlet for the main tank
Went a little deep on cutting so adding some glass for strength to the seam

I will update as I move on

As for the classic it is mainly done with using some if not all parts I can from it to speed up my build. As it had a failure of most likely my fault on a hard landing and had the wind sheer off on a high speed pass although it was so strong it came back in 4-5 peices turbine and most servos servived as for the fuse it is mainly chewed up and the wing is in a couple peices

In no way do I blame Carf I love there planes and will continue to fly with them it boils down to it being my fault and stuff happens in this hobby and you just have to roll with it.

I'll be back up in the air in no time

Pictures...Continue Reading
Posted by Planekiller1 | May 29, 2014 @ 11:06 AM | 7,209 Views
So I've officially started my project a custom trailer for my jets that will be 14 ft. Long, 7ft. Wide and 7ft. tall everything you can think of will be in it from tools to a generator I've thought of it all. Sides open up two drawers pull out and it's best design is that when I'm done with it. It goes into a storage locker close the door lock it and it's all safe ...

Inset wheels front pointed nose half covered wheel wells slanted front nose efficient design to he max sheeted under the chassis as there will be no axle but two stubby torsion shafts. Full independent suspension.

Designed to fit 4 ultra lightenings not that I will have that many maybe one but I don't know many planes bigger than that ...

More will be updated down the road as it will be a while before I will get back to it as school is almost out.

Posted by Planekiller1 | Apr 25, 2014 @ 09:51 AM | 7,520 Views
My newest jet to add onto the family
The Carf Models Classic Flash

I don't know if I love it more than my Spark but we will see after a few flights as I am waiting for my turbine!

But in the mean time I'm adding
Smoke setup
Saddle tanks for the smoke or will
use the wing for smoke not sure yet
Carbon fiber vinyl for the tail
Abs carbon fiber install
Flashlights in the tip tanks

Thx. For looking
...Continue Reading
Posted by Planekiller1 | Apr 01, 2014 @ 09:20 PM | 5,952 Views
Post your Plane installs below doesn't matter what plane just show off your work

What worked what didn't how long it took you. Anything and everything to do with installs.

Just wanted to show off every pilots best or worst part of building a plane where to put everything...

Or if you did an amazing job I don't care and I'm not going to judge...

Or will I I might do a contest to see who has the best and worst installs in there plane.

Some crazy prizes and maybe some funny ones too...
Show them off to everyone on RCG.

Also it's ANY plane I just think jet ones can be tricky sometimes!!!
And because they can look great too...
Posted by Planekiller1 | Mar 24, 2014 @ 09:12 AM | 5,757 Views
As I progress through the stages I believe that there are curtain steps to what makes a pilot and what planes you will want to fly.

Almost 4 years ago I got my first plane an apprentice 15e without safe technology just me connected to my plane no gyros needed. As I look back I see that this is really what made me a great pilot and the success I have had has come from being able to fly a plane without the need for a gyro or system that lowers the rates to where just to get the plane to turn you have to push all the way to the left or right. As this just enforces a habit that as an instructor I see far to much of as many people I train just bang the sticks and forget about the throttle and kill the flight time by almost 4 minutes.

My next step after I mastered my apprentice and in the end flew it into the ground having to much fun flying inverted I moved onto two Banana Hobby Jets the Mig-29 and the F-5 both horrible jets as they both had there issues terrible issues. The Mig went on fire in my driveway and the F-5 ran out of power in just one lap of flying and I had to belly land it. So don't buy from BH as they just don't care about there customers and made no attempt to answer the 50 + calls I made to them or the 10 or so emails trying to get them replaced.

The next plane I moved into was the incredible Habu 32 one of my favorites by far. Although a little expensive to some people it is the lowest cost and best flying jet and I'd recommend it to any pilot that...Continue Reading
Posted by Planekiller1 | Jan 31, 2014 @ 03:03 PM | 5,978 Views
Well I thought I'd put some input on some of the cool new products that have been put on Horizons site.

First I'll start with planes and go on from there.

The apprentice S a great redesign on the old apprentice. In fact I had the first version and love the new safe tech in the new one. As an instructor it takes some stress off of me to have to save the plane. Because of the decreased bank rate my apprentices can't just bang the sticks although the lowest level requires you to go all the way across making it very difficult to get them to move on into the next level and the ability to fly on there own. But in any case a very good design.

The Park-Zone mosquito is a great looking plane and park zones first twin I expect it to sell well. As I have not flown one I would have a hard time tell you how it would fly but as usual I see it flying like any other parkzone plane it make flying almost boring just enough power to climb and a roll rate that is so scale it actually makes it tough but in anyway a great plane for a new pilot.

Eflight new glider almost hotliner the Allusive 2.2 a V-tailed glider that should put a smile on any ones face. And it looks cool too but I'm not sure about the name.

The UMX radian a small glider that should sell good a folding prop that makes me laugh and a wing just like the big brother. Although with only rudder control I think I'll be seeing people modify it for ailerons.

Now these are not all new realeases but are planes that I...Continue Reading
Posted by Planekiller1 | Dec 20, 2013 @ 01:50 PM | 5,704 Views
Well I think it's that time I needed to post another blog new blog on an item that no one in r/c could live without. A transmitter... In specific the comparisons to the regular DX18 and the DX18QQ although there where only 2000 made there are many other regular 18's still out there and they are almost the same. Working at an rc shop you always know the best that is offered. As an owner of a QQ and having to use almost every setting and also being able to program any Spectrum transmitter (still have fun with the dx7se) there are differences. Some of the differences are not noticed by people that don't need an 18 channel transmitter and sadly the dx18 is almost exactly a QQ.

Has .5 increments on pitch / throttle curves.
6 aileron servo setup ??? Who needs that?
I don't really mess with sail planes but there are some small changes looks like they might help the high end sail enthusiast
Black chrome case.
Dog tag with your name and special edition # mine is 434
Power safe receiver and some other goodies like the hat and transmitter case.
And that's about where it ends
Any where from dual rates to being able to switch from the setup screen to the programming screen in two clicks.

The 18 can do about anything you want but the QQ can that little bit more and although small it makes the transmitter programming smoother and quicker so that you can get in the air faster.

I have had mine since the start of summer and the jetti did appeal to me but the QQ is spectrum and I have never had a fade or lock out "knock on wood"
I have flown anything from my jet to small UMX planes and into helicopters. And by far the QQ or the regular 18 is a great way to go even if you don't use all of the channels just because it makes everyone go ooooh at the field and you know you have a reliable, transmitter backed up by HH.

Thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Posted by Planekiller1 | Aug 12, 2013 @ 08:15 PM | 6,533 Views
The Spark is my favorite plane to date i may have not flown very much compared to other people. But this jet has always had a sweet spot in me. The Spark is maneuverable and can pull very hard g's the vertical is also a nice touch. The Tj 100 with a 1515 3D may not have a 1-1 ratio but it is close so it can climb and on the exit it can make speed very quickly. It doesn't require you to fly all out on the throttle and usually flies amazing some where between 70-80%. I have had a gear up landing after my motor unsoldered it's self from the esc and landed in the grass on my 3rd flight. Nothing happened absolutely nothing. This is another reason I personally love Carf models the one piece wind and horizontal stab. The tracking being so perfect that any input is crisp and precise. Now i get to talk about the favorite part of flying this plane. The landings they are so perfect and carry a lot of speed. Most people land from a high altitude and this makes the plane land slower and require more input and power a nice way to actually land is low and fast under no power with full air-brake and a lower alpha and as you come in bring the nose up and flare and this slows the plane down and touch the wheels about 1/4 down the runway and it just makes it land so great. I was tought this by Scott or txshan130. The most amazing jet pilot in Texas.
Posted by Planekiller1 | Mar 22, 2013 @ 08:43 AM | 6,828 Views
As in my bio. I fly helicopters and of them I have made a few changes to a blade 400 running on the motor for a outrage g5 and a 6s 1300 mah battery this may seem strange but it works and yes I am still running on fly-bars. It has more power than I thought possible and if it was flybarless then it might hold the tail and keep the heli level.

Weight accually weighs less than 3s version.
Pitch about 12 each way.
Sounds great must be running around 3500 rpm

One way bearings can't deal with the power already had two spin in the case.
Fly-bar bogs the motor at max pitch.
The blades seem to want to fly off in a crash w/ solid spindle shaft.
Tail wanders and it puros like crazy (looks cool and I usually end up with some one laughing).

But the heli is great fun for me and others watching I am flying on Sab blades that I won at fort bend 450x challenge on only my 12th flight and was holding inverted after only my 16th.
Posted by Planekiller1 | Mar 22, 2013 @ 08:26 AM | 6,881 Views
This is an amazing flying plane and looks great although the building took me forever mainly the fan I have only had to take the fan off twice ( my fault didn't put lock tite on the set screw) the retracts are perfect I have never had a issue with then going up or down( besides putting throttle hold on the opposite switch as the gear on my dx8 and hitting it after take off and suffering the consequences- only a couple paint chips on the nose.) it fly great completely stock besides the gear but have yet to see one without the retracts.
I fly on a TP 5000 mah 6s pack and I have telemetry to view my pack voltage and the temp. of my battery.