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Posted by Tritone FPV | Mar 27, 2014 @ 02:49 AM | 7,717 Views
How to get Kv by Hz measurement on multimeter on brushless motors

1. Put your motor shaft in a drill chuck.
2. Connect two of the three leads to the multimeter and put it in ACV.
3. Run the drill and measure the ACV.
4. Change multi meter setting to Hz and record the data.
And here is the equation i used {(60 / #No of pole pairs) x Hz}/(ACV x sqrt 2)=Kv

If some people can check the validity of this equation, by running tests on their motors, it would be great.

These equations are based on this thread, here and here.

Note:#No Pole pairs =#No of magnets divided by 2(usually but some motors are not like this)
Note#2: finding appropriate Kv by C4H10 is: No# turns motor 1/motor 2 kv= No# turns motor 2/motor 1 kv
Posted by Tritone FPV | Aug 29, 2013 @ 03:57 AM | 6,510 Views
Last week end my father and I went to University of the Philippines and flew the jas-39 designed by jetset44.

specs are:
77% of the original plans
450mah 3s
RCPB 24g 1500kv motor with a 7x5 apc type prop with a max thrust of 500g
300g auw/rtf

The first few flight ended with crashes due to a lack of experience with this type of plane and a far too aft CG. I fixed the CG and rates for the elevons and canard and finally it flew but it now had a very forward heavy cg and had to keep pulling up. Then as was turning to land, i lost orientation and crashed it into a tree... and good thing these guys came along..

Hope to fly it again this weekend.