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Posted by kimchiyuk | Jan 26, 2016 @ 10:37 PM | 10,645 Views
I bought this engine here on RCGroups. I knew by the ad picture it would be a "project". I was told it was test ran and was fine. I made what I thought was a fair offer to his asking price and the seller accepted. A few days after I paid, he contacted me to say he went to test run it again before sending it out and it ran for three minutes and quit and now the valves won't work and wanted to refund my money. I said, "what the heck, I'll take a chance on it". You don't see too many of the older FA-40's, so I didn't want to lose it.
Just at as I enjoy refurbishing old kit and plans built planes to give them "new life", I like doing the same for old engines, especially four strokes.
When I received the engine, it was just like it was in the ad picture... DIRTY! A lot of caked on hardened dirt and grime. The engine turned over, but was very gritty and I could tell the valve train was not working. After pulling off the valve covers I found out why...the exhaust valve rocker arm was seized to its mounting pin. These pins usually don't like to come out on older engines without some major persuasion (heat and torque) and the flat head on the pin can easily strip.
Long story short....I did get the pin out. I completely stripped the engine down and thoroughly cleaned all parts. I have all new gaskets and o-rings.
As you can see in the pictures, the piston head was black, but it was gooey, not hardened like high run time...Continue Reading