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Posted by ShaneXman | Dec 07, 2011 @ 01:03 AM | 37,585 Views
Well, thanks to indoorheli and our extremely informative and productive Skype/MSN Messenger chat (yes, we used both LOL )...I was able to setup my heli and transmitter and give my Genius CP a go.

The end result? ShaneXman --------->

Battery #1 - The heli was like a grasshopper, jumping around my garage.

This took a little getting used to because of the quickness of a CP heli over a coax. However, after "driving" the heli around the garage like an RC grasshopper for the entire battery, I started to acquire a feel for it.

Battery #2 - The bird was in the air!

I was able to steadily lengthen my "hops" / flight times, getting used to the stick inputs while it was in the air. In the end, I was able to hover for several 30-45 second intervals. I'd say for my second battery EVER, that's not half bad.

Other than the "quickness" of the heli over a coax, I think the biggest difference (which is actually quite cool) is the fact that the cyclic inputs are precisely that "inputs". When you give the heli an input, it remains an input until you counteract that input. On a coax heli, all inputs given on the cyclic are fleeting and individual. So when you let go of the cyclic, that input is reset and it awaits your next input. I don't know if this makes any sense at all, but it's a VERY different feeling...and extremely rewarding when you can "balance" / hover it.

Needless to say, I'm hooked. I'll try and shoot a short video to show everyone, but compared to all of the other videos I've seen on here...mine will be quite boring.

Thank you all for your positive reinforcement and motivation, I truly appreciate it. Cheers.