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This is a home-brew electric. The short wings and skinney body with the long landing gear remind me of an insect. It flies reasonably well, except that with the tiny ailerons the rool rate is too slow. The motor is a hacker 2025-4200 with a CC 25Amp ESC and TP2100 3S1P lipo. It has a 42 inch wingspan, which was chosen so that it would fit in the hatch-back of my car with the wing on. It weighs about 27 ounces ready-to-fly. It is all balsa and plywood construction with ultra-cote and solar-film covering. Not bad if you like eccentric looking airplanes.
Posted by beardelight | Mar 10, 2006 @ 04:15 PM | 3,672 Views
My first helicopter is the Blade CP. The reason I got the BCP is it a cheap RTF model that has been adjusted at the factory and is easy to repair. So far, I have logged about 15 flights on this little bird. After I bent one main shaft after landing in some grass one of the skids went into a hole and the blades struck the ground as a result. So, I had to replace the main shaft because there was a bit of wobble and some vibrations. While I had it apart I decided to upgrade to the aerobatic version with the semetrical blades, heat sinks, and new motor. I must say the BCP flys much better with the upgrades (aerobatic kit + 910mah 3S1P TP Prolite). The lipoly is a huge improvemnt over the Ni-MH batteries. To date, I have learned to hover at about 6-10 inches and at about 6 feet off the ground, I have learned to move the heli foward, backwards, side to side as well as turn the tail to face the aircraft towards me. Heli's are a ton of fun and I owe much of my success for actually using the simulator as a teaching tool and not as a way to crash thousands of dollars of rc equipment. I am soo addicted to helis, that I don't even have the desire to fly my planes. I just might have to get rid of the "fixed wings" for good.

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Here's my setup for AP. It is very much inspired with what Pierre Rondel did (

Unfortunatelly, it adds a lot of weight (500g = +50%) to the plane, and it becomes difficult to fly, even with the extra power provided by the brushless setting (Mega ACn 16/15/5, 4.4:1 gearbox + 3S). I hit a tree top upon landing, and was very lucky not to destroy the plane and camera... Only minor damage (broken stab, broken canopy, broken gearbox).

The Easy Glider is too big, too heavy and too complex for me. I find it troublesome to connect the ailerons cables every time. Its weight doesn't make it soar correctly in summer (I'm probably not good enough). I'm going back to my good old Easy Star, where I will retrofit the brushless motor, with a 6x4 and 3S Lipo. Not sure I can lift a camera with it, but I'll keep you posted...

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Aerofred is an Indoor and Parkfly R/C Model Airplanes Company based in Europe, more specifically in Portugal wich is a country member of the European Union since 1985. Our main business is the Design and Manufacture of Model Airplane Kits , we produce at our factory in Portugal and sell our products on our website, as a manufacturer we have retail prices for Hobby Shops, Online Vendors and Clubs . On our Website you can find Airplane models of our own design and good links to all the accessories needed to complete the kits, we only sell what we produce

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I have survived flying at local fields that have a ceiling of 600ft AGL, a surface area of 2 soccer fields, with 3 mtr aircraft and a ½ size histart, for 12 years! No problems occurring with me averaging at least 2 sessions per week (yes, through large weather variations). It is only in the last 5 years have I slowed down to seek ‘great days’ to fly changing the status to, ‘lucky to fly twice a month’. Now I am playing with a Slow Stick, following the lessons learned from Tom Williams about motor gliders, and I hope to get on my winch at Pilot Point, about 5 times this year (2006).

To be successful at a low launch task I had to learn to interface the elements in a manner they tolerated. I had to learn the ingredients for maximizing a climbout, and how much run capability was needed to sustain altitude gained rather than the mathematical perfection of a Profile! I wanted to be able to hand launch a 3 mtr machine into lift and simply out fly smaller machines because of a wider speed range (due to size). No longer am I an athlete capable of century bike rides, and my arm has weakened and has been replaced (for extremely better reliability) with a ½ size histart. Basically I discovered that soaring airspeed was indexed by altitude launched (for a fixed time period of flight) and modified by wind speed, i.e. overpowered only by wind speed in excess of 12 mph. [I do have enough statistics acquired over a 10 year period to verify my findings]

I tend to make decisions...Continue Reading
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Why did you guys get rid of the gallery software???

Since I've been asked the question several times in Site Suggestions / Complaints, I thought I would address it here in my blog.

Here are some reasons for the switch:

1. Our moderation system wasn't supported by the gallery software. We now rely on the "Report This Post to a Moderator" link to handle site moderation. This feature isn't available in the gallery software.

2. We objected to the dual navigation that proved complicated to new users of the site. The forum navigation bar sits on top of the gallery navigation bar. This is hard to understand at first, and we gear our UI for newcomers as much as possible. In addition, there are separate category hierarchies in the forum software and the gallery system, which adds to the learning curve.

3. Many users were abusing the gallery, using it to store photos for ebay auctions, their website, etc. Because the images are buried inside of the gallery system and very few users looked at a member's gallery unless it was linked within a forum thread, a lot of users got away with using RCGroups as a free image host.

4. The admin system for the gallery was completely separate from the forums and wasn't as sophisticated.

5. Very few people used the gallery! The number of hits we got in that feature was a very small percentage of the site traffic. It wasn't justified from a maintenance point of view.

6. The thread categories, blog feature,...Continue Reading
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This frame was part of a movie we took of the GWS pizza flying formation with the camera ship - a Scorpio Three Dee.
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just adding this
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This is not to be coppied by other wing mfgs or pro builders as grumman would say I have a copyrite,LOL
Here is the lowdown bro.
Two materials the henries and the random spun poly weave.Notice the huge roll in the background.

The trick is to apply the either material with 90 ,but alittle liter than the standard build.
Let dry for a day ,then mix the two part fixo tropic bar top coating 50,50.

Then apply with a throwaway brush alittle thick,then blott of excess if you want w a towel.Then a micro layer will remain that is tougher ,and slightly more flexible,so it gives better durability than pu that is a little brittle.

You can leave it thicker for you heavies if you want.

Once dry you repeat on the next side.
After both sides are done give a good sanding with 180 grit.

Then coat it w a heavy coat of 90 with the nozzle sraying wide and even,let dry for 5 hrs or more, then mono it.
The mono wont stick w out the 90.

You can stick your fiber down with the coating instead of the 90 but it takes 4 to 6 hrs to tack up ,so i use the 90 to get the fabrics down prior.
Ps dont tell anyone killer,LOL
try it you will love it bro.
my buddy justin had tried the poly materail a few years ago as did i w no luck.Justin had some of the bar top coating ,and said here take it so i did,a few with it and after getn the hang of it ,i use it all the time even if it is only on the bottom and leading edges ,it makes it bullet proof.


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I can still count a lot more activity (clicks) in my old archived gallery.

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Flights to date: 14

Sun 12Mar: Sunrise. Wind apparently 6-10 mph (increasing as I went). I seem to have the CG problem licked. Seemed to have trouble getting a lot of altitude, but no difficulty running below about 100ft. This may simply be that was not recognizing how high it was at higher elevations. I'm doing a good job of keeping track of attitude, but have difficulty telling how far away the airplane is still.

1) Probably 4-5 minutes. Rudder trim needed to go left. Post-flight inspection showed that it was indeed a tad off-center. Long flight. Did a lot of tacking into the wind - slow up-wind, rocketing down-wind runs. Landed in the weeds because I did not account for the headwind reducing the length of the landing run.
2) Longer flight (6-8 minutes). After an abortive "cartwheel" launch (still got to lean to throw), got into the air. Did a double-loop. Am now calibrating diameter of loops somewhat, not just doing a yank of the stick. Did a stall at one point, recovered nicely. Wind is getting stronger, gusting. Bit of a hard landing - canopy popped off.
3) One more flight, about 2 minutes. Ended with a perfect landing. Time for breakfast.

Fri 10Mar06: Two flights. Other people there, had them throw. Both successful flights. First flight skimmed through a puddle as I l landed.

Wed 03Mar06: First thing in the day. Son did throws. 2 flights. CG appears too far back - porpoising some. Did a loop, found it went rather quickly. Wind was rising, especially at altitude so we quit early. Good landings - but it bounces (CG problem?)
Installed magnets in wing and cockpit cover.

Sun 26Feb06: 3 flights (son doing throws). Went for some duration and altitude this time. Had trouble getting "throw" to work myself, but son did just fine. Learned to push wings back in after a harsh landing.

Fri 24Feb06: 4 flights (wife timing), all about a minute long, maiden, first successes for myself. CG was too far forward at first, but moving it back got me in the air.