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Posted by phil alvirez | Sep 13, 2014 @ 05:39 AM | 7,589 Views
is left better?
when you study anatomy you realize that, as the heart is on the left side, you get more blood on that side. that's why the left foot is stronger and we climb horses or bikes leaning on the left leg-and why left hand baseball players hit stronger-and so boxers. but as we are programmed to use the right hand-or the majority follow it by impulse (1 of the mysteries of the mind)-the right hand becomes more dexterous due to that we use it more (practice). in industrial engineering, people is encouraged to use both hands by incentives-and so they learn to use them, and with practice they end mastering both. it is a matter of instructing your subconscious mind-which is a powerful ally. but as your left hand gets more blood, properly trained it can do better. and that is why when using both equally, it is stronger.
and, after all, if we fly r/c, we have to use both, right?
Posted by phil alvirez | Sep 10, 2014 @ 10:01 AM | 7,471 Views
the 1st time i flew in a full size airplane was in 1952, in a piper cub j3. it was at 6am because we were at 7,000 feet above sea level and at that altitude the air is so thin that it is better to start early, when the air has more density. when the instructor began to tell me: "this is the ground, this the air, this is the airplane", i told him that i was a student of aeronautical enginnering but had never flown before, and he stopped that. we had to fill the tank by hand, with car gasoline (in those days there was no high octanes-what was that?), neither airplane gas available. and we had to start by hand. but it was so much fun! the instructor was a short fellow, that had to add 3 cushions for him to see above the nose of the plane, and hardly could reach the pedals for the rudder. and no radio, so the control tower had to send a green light signaling that we were cleared for take-off. once we were flying, i began to familiarize with the controls. although i had a good idea of all, being there is another story. and then you get seasick. but was an unforgettable experience after all. we climbed and did whatever the instructor said, and after he saw that i was doing fine, we began the approach for landing, with me at the controls. as we were getting closer and he didn't took over i told him that i had no experience in landing, but he let me do it. what i did was throttling it down gradually and also pulling the elevator up slowly until i did a 3-...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Sep 09, 2014 @ 08:12 AM | 7,375 Views
a silly question? but if asked 'are you left handed'? sounds right, isn't it?
we learn to use both feet the same. why not the hands?
i was born left handed (got that from my father) and when i got to school they forced me to learn to use the right hand. that was the way in those days. so i learned to use it. my writting was-is-awful, so they say, and also they say that it is due to having been lefty and pushed to be righty. but my writting with the left is as bad. but when i broke my right arm, again i had to write with my left. after that, i decided to learn to use both hands, and became ambidextrous. but, why not? using 1 hand we use only 1 half of the brain, so why not teach the other half? there is room there for this. we do this with our legs, otherwise when we walk we would limp all the time. now, that sounds silly, isn't it?
so, are you left-footed? think about it.
Posted by phil alvirez | Sep 01, 2014 @ 10:04 AM | 7,574 Views
conclusions on ap vs no ap-my view.
1.-i am pleased with the rad as is, with the autopilot (ap), and from what i read, many others too.
and still there are some who think it is better without it. i think that with ap in windy weather (for which it was intended) it does much better.
2.-anyway, as the brick of 1 of my rads went south and don't have another of the same ap, i replaced it with 1 that has no ap (AR6400), so will try and compare in no wind days. some say that without ap it thermals better.
3.-well, there was a window in the weather and had the chance to evaluate the conversion.
the plane flies fine in calm, although behaves different, as could be expected. problem was, that could not evaluate it completely because the prop does not stop, even if stalling the plane.
4.- i added the esc that helps to stop the prop. it is done, so only i have to wait until next window again.
5.-now i was able to try it: with little wind it is a lively plane: sensitive, responsive, but still controllable, so it behaves just as any other plane of its size. and in no wind it is a lively nice little plane. still i have to try it in no wind thermals to see how it behaves.
so in some wind with no ap, it needs frequent commands, as any other plane its size.
and another identical plane with ap is way more stable, self-compensating for the drafts.
big difference. but it's up to each 1 which way you like it.
it confirms that only with ap it can be flown in windy weather that otherwise only larger planes can do, and in smaller places.