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Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 27, 2014 @ 11:52 PM | 8,051 Views
some say that the early years were their happiest. i wonder...
i recall being told what to do and what not to do. then being taken to a place full of rascals that were doing their best to make my life miserable, and a grownup telling me what to do. things that i already knew, or i didn't care. that was called school. sometimes the grownups brought me with my cousins (a bunch of wild beasts) to a large tent, smelling heavily of manure, full of people, where there were some huge grey animals that looked like rocks (called elephants), some horses and fellows doing wild stunts, and other hanging from swings. the only thing i liked were the beautiful girls that did stunts on swings. the place was called the circus. other times they brought me to a sunny place where a fellow dressed like a clown entertained a bull with a piece of canvas. later a fellow on a horse pierced the back of the bull with a pike, and another challenged the bull with some sticks that managed to place on the back of the bull. then the clown killed the bull with a sword and 2 horses dragged the carcass away. that was called bullfighting. i also heard that my father was an amateur boxer, and he sometimes went to exchange punches with another 1. that was called boxing, but i was lucky enough not to be taken there because that happened too late in the evening for me. and grownups always so full of themselves, and making practical jokes on me.
and some wondered why i liked to be by myself!