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Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 30, 2014 @ 07:37 AM | 7,667 Views
biking in vancouver, british columbia.
in the 80's i lived in vancouver-and had a hobby shop at kingsway street-and also got a motorcycle (a yamaha vision with touring fairing, shaft drive and water cooled). when the weather was good, i toured around. with so many beautiful places nearby, it was a most rewarding experience. as there are many rivers that have no bridges, there are ferries to cross, and boarding them with the bike was thrilling, to say the least. just entering and exiting the ferry was exhilarating, riding through any of the 2 narrow ramps and seeing the water below.
even just going downtown and watching the sunset at english bay and eating a souvlaki at davie and denman street. and all were so watchful on bikes.
we flew r/c at kitsilano, with the sailplanes flying over the sea most of the time. and stanley park: the beavers taking off right there (i mean, the de havilland airplanes) on their way to victoria island... also going to victoria by ferry with the bike. i still have the bike in my living room, but don't ride anymore. am sending it to my son's garage soon to make room for my toys (model airplanes and painting). so many memories....
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 20, 2014 @ 08:44 AM | 7,849 Views
when you grow old, more frequently you say 'those were the days' and recall episodes of your life when things were better. as some say, all things past were better. right?
well, now that i have my micro rad and just pick it up and the radio and place it at the back of my car and drive 10 minutes, or when on my way shopping i drive to the park, launch it and have a ball for several minutes, i think, well, these are the days! nothing past can compare with the fun am having now. life is good. enjoy.
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 13, 2014 @ 05:51 AM | 7,832 Views
the reason why am happy and have enjoyed life is because am a dreamer.
yes, i live in fantasyland. and the good thing of this is that nothing can reach me.
some1 said that there are 2 things that no1 can take away from you: your memories and your dreams.
others call me mad, because they say that i should see things the way they are, but if you live in reality, just look around.
could you be happy with that?
as Cervantes in "Man of la Mancha" said: 'who is the maddest of all, he who sees things the way they should be, or he who sees things they way they are?'
your choice.
and i think that the way to improve things is seeing them the way they should be. that's the value of daydreaming.
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 05, 2014 @ 07:22 AM | 8,231 Views
since i remember, anything that flies has fascinated me. birds, butterflies, any insect, and of course airplanes. full size or models. even watching the clouds go by. from the beginning of time, it has been the wildest dream of humans. that's why all the legends, tales and fantasies. i feel as if i were the plane or bird, or if my spirit were up there with it. from the times when there was only free flight. and now with the magic of radio control, when i can maneuver it, even soaring into thermals, is the realization of my wildest dream. and i believe that many more share this feeling.
be that you design it, or build it, or even now with the ready-to-fly, all leads to the ultimate goal: flying it.
so, let's dream of flying, the most wonderful adventure.