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Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 09, 2009 @ 03:13 PM | 18,630 Views
This is my story.

Chapter I
The beginning
Even since I remember, I have been fascinated with everything that flies, man made or not.
On several occasions through my life, fate placed my home on the approach pattern of airplanes. Even from the start. So my first memories are about airplanes (biplanes, to be exact), that occasionally flew over my home.
If I was in my cradle, whenever I heard the peculiar sound of those radial engines, I began to call my mother to take me out to watch them. Even before I could walk.
Years later my mother told me that one day, while I was in my cradle and heard the sound of engines approaching, I decided to come down by myself and go and watch them, so I managed to climb down and started walking towards the door but, as I never did that alone, I began to lean forward and to compensate began to walk faster and faster, until I reached the door to the patio in full run and went through. The thing was, that there were three steps to the patio and I fell and began to cry, until my mother came and picked me up. By then the planes were flying overhead and immediately I stopped crying and watched the planes in awe until they disappeared. And that fascination has never faded away.
I had all the toy planes that I could find at the store, although there were not many at the time and no one was intended for flying. So I never saw a model plane that could fly.
As soon as I could handle a pencil, I began drawing planes. Years later, at school, my copybooks were full of sketches of planes all around the text, and my teachers were unable to make me stop. Then I discovered plasticine and began modeling all kinds of planes. Whatever I saw in magazines, newspapers, had to be modeled, copied and redrawn in all possible angles. Those were happy times!
My grand mother even used to tell the neighbors that I had my head full of airplanes.