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Posted by ant141110 | Jun 03, 2009 @ 11:05 PM | 1,988 Views
I got my xeon frame, dd tail, 3900 kv bl motor (running on 3s) , and 9 deg woodies together and running. What an incredible difference it made! hover at less than half throttle longer flight times and more stable. not to mention looks way cooler! I absolutely love this heli.

I also have a hk450 that i barely hit the blades on the ground and it broke a lot more parts (about $30) compared to the pretty violent crashes i've had with the fp most $ crash was about $9. this fp handles very well and is very durable which is great since I'm into FF now and the crashes are always worse.

By far (IMHO) the hbfp is the best starter heli. and it's upgradeable when you move up to ff outside. mine performs very well even with a slight breeze. I can't get enough flying this thing