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Posted by Banditpowdercoat | Feb 19, 2017 @ 01:42 AM | 4,536 Views
So, never ever made a blog before. Might as well start now.

Little history on my RC. Used to race and bash RC cars. At one point in my late 20-s early 30's I had upwards of $10K CDN in RC cars and equip. Then at one big race, a guy was yelling at me because I hold my TX down and my antenna was blocking his view. Old 75Mhz days. He was soo mad, yelling match ensued. I then pretty much gave it up. I was in RC to have fun. I soon realized that I was spending more and more money to have more cars to get more track time once a week, that it was a frantic race with the clock to get them ready etc....

Fast Fwd to about 8 years ago. Fall 2009. Working camp job and a bud mentioned this mall copter he once bought and it was fun. I then scoured ebay, without doing any research, and picked up a Blade 400 RTF. Which lasted 5 seconds upon first spool up. After many many ghetto repairs, and lots of learning. ( I once repaired my crashed woodie main and tail blades with industrial heat shrink to keep the splinters in check).
I now can fairly proficiently fly helies. Inverted is still challenging for circuits, but Piroflips, Tic Tocs, Funnels, and all out fun.

My stable is 1Mcx, 2 Ncpx, 1 Mcpx, 4 B400--All retired but not gone. A Gaui X3, Stretched Protos 500, and a Trex 700N

Now come last year, I was thinking a foam plank or glider to soar around while relaxing between heli flights. I have always flown alone. No clubs near me but lots of open free space....Continue Reading