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Posted by TMO | Jul 05, 2013 @ 11:45 AM | 21,331 Views
Now that summer is well underway, I thought I'd post a quick message about what I'm seeing, and especially, what's cool.

First, the Blade Nano QX is just about the best new product I've seen in awhile. It's a better trainer for an aspiring heli pilot than many of the usual coaxial choices. Rock solid indoors, and can handle quite a bit of breeze. BNF for $69??? you have to have one!! I have all the parts too. If you're a heli hotshot, and you think it may not be enough for you- think again: in agility mode this thing is really really fun. Flips, Rolls, Funnels. Fun. Runs on the 1S 150mah that we all have a bunch of from our UM planes.

Along those lines I have the Helimax 1SQ V Cam in both RTF and TXR. For those accustomed to the 1SQ (an excellent microquad), this version has a cam onboard and LED lights.

In Plane land, the new E-flite C-Ray is a really fun plane for the intermediate to experienced pilot. A flying wing on 2s brushless, it uses a battery in the 400-500mAh range, and all you need is a battery and a receiver to get started- motor, esc and servos are already pre-installed. The servo plugs are the "micro" style, so if you are using a conventional rx, you'll need adapters. Otherwise it's pretty much optimized for the ar6310 receiver.

Also fresh in the store and opening eyes among my experienced pilots is the new E-flite UMX Yak 54. Like the Sbach, this is intended for the experienced pilot, and is an all out aerobat with 3D capability. Lighter and a little more wing than than the Sbach, it flies a bit slower, and is a bit more to my taste, allowing for much more of a 3D flight envelope. The 2s150 stock battery is surprisingly good, but I also like the Hyperion 180 2s.

Have a great summer!