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Posted by TMO | Feb 13, 2012 @ 03:06 PM | 22,721 Views
Hi everybody,
Just a quick post about things that might be of interest:

I have the UMX HyperTaxi and UMX GeeBees in Stock.

I'm now a Savox servo dealer, and I have *almost* everything in stock, and within a week or two, I'll have nearly every servo they make. These servos are very impressive, and their HV coreless and BL servos are crazy. Check 'em out.

I have the new KBDD Hot Pink 3D Pro Main Blades for the MCPX and also the hot pink tailblade (which is the same type as the extreme series tail blades). They are hot pink to promote breast cancer awareness, and so as usual, KBDD is out in front in more ways than one.

For the FMA crowd- I am IN STOCK on the new FMA MPA for use with the 10XP, PL6, and PL8 chargers. It supports parallel charging and balancing, does a bunch of other stuff too. The first versions now available support Deans discharge and JST XH balance. You need the appropriate node adapter cable- one type for the 10XP and a different item for the pl6/pl8. Initially I thought this product was a little pricey- but when you see it you will realize that it is actually a very good value for what you get. I consider it miles ahead in terms of convenience and safety of virtually any other similar adapter.

I have PZ Icon A5 PNP's. We flew this baby last week and were very impressed. Wind was howling, water freezing. I'm hoping to get another snowfall to see how it does on the snow.

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